Abolish the war, reconstruction eternal peace for humanity

I.- The third world war has actually happened!

The "Holy War" by IS and and Al Qaeda, the Taliban … launched, especially in Paris, France 13/11, and on 20/11, the UN Security Council UN has allowed states "to take all necessary measures" to combat the terrorist group the Islamic State (IS); was really the beginning of World War III; it will become increasingly widespread, and will be followed by another battle between the major powers with weapons of mass destruction; bringing humanity to its doom.

Compared with the previous two world wars devastated humanity: World War I as 22 and a half million people died, wounded and missing; the Second World War more than 50 million dead. Two wars was rivalry between the two forces; although there is fierce but in the end by the victory of one side.


The Third World War is intense and more complex, because it has 2 rivalry:

a) – Confrontation between the most powerful nation in history with weapons of mass destruction.

b) – "Holy War" is Confrontation between Muslims (represented by the IS and Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram …) with Christian, outwardly do not strong but bitter and the most furtively. In two confrontation US rivals are mainly.

- The fight will not be an end by aspiring hegemon is no bottom, no party will win, can not be terminated by the other concessions. Its only purpose is to kill each other with weapons of mass murder, put humanity at eradicated. The powers are competing most fiercely this time by not only the hegemonic ambitions, but also for the survival of one ideology, with weapons of mass destruction is the greatest.

- More serious is the opposition of religion in deep social life absorbed hundreds of years, until now, the explosive flagrant "holy war" there can be no concession.

Why is there so drastically?

Because people do not understand the basic universal law. Yijing said: "dogma of heaven and earth … things must have harmony, is new to prosper later …"

1/- In today's society do not have anything with harmony reunification together:

- Politics are many different modes with narrow-minded nationalism, which is the heavily ideological; economy also whereby opposed.

- Repair Practice  (脩 練) is there thousands of different religions compete with each other.

2/- The above differences make the jealous hostility, opposition, to the war led large and small throughout its long history culminating is the World Wars, especially 3rd world war this time to destroy mankind.

Must be thoroughly dismantled the war, brings peace and happiness to mankind, but not by military power as current developments, by the war between the great powers can not ending in the happy good; which is the 2 sides suffering heavy losses, are not numbers million, but which billions of lives by nuclear weapons! And the "Holy War" no battle lines, it will last indefinitely if no workaround right.

So should completely eliminate opposition (it is cause make war), mankind requires research understand the law of the universe find the true path to completely eliminate the war.

Can study power circuit, Circulatory System the circulation in the human body, and animals; to the system held in Heaven, organizations manage political society, to identify defects that remedy, termination of  political hostility, terminate  nationalism the narrow , abolish war Peacebuilding eternal joy to mankind.


All the same rules following :

a) – In electrical circuits:

In the original electricity circuit is acqui. Wiring including: Wiring yang,  Wiring yin, squeezed between is the objects used electricity; Wiring yang split: Chief wire yang, yang branch wiring; Wire yin include: branch yin, chief wire yin to return to the main source.

b) – circulatory system:

Heart is original, red blood circulate through the vascular system: arteries (yang), including the aorta, the artery branches; muscles; followed by intravenous (negative) include: branch vein, vena cava to bring blood to the heart … ..

c) – Heaven organizational system:

Best of all is God; the general manager system angels (yang), including: total angel (as Prime Minister), followed by the gods. Next is the humanity and all the objects, then Buddha (yin represents the population) include the Buddhas, total Buddha bring about God.

d) – The political system – social:

The political system – including social King (President), followed by the National Executive Committee (Prime Minister), followed by the Ministry (yang), common policies down; the people receptive to follow all policies; followed by unions (associations) function, National Association, the association has the right to practice in all areas of social activity; brings the opinion of the people on the government; the association have vertical systems (yin), completely independent of the operating system key (see below).

The system is harmony in the stable, with no opposition at all, it is immutable.

Yijing said:  " Yijing is harmony; " change is in harmony, happiness, no change in the context of opposition, hardship, hatred".

So to end World War: basically make people understand the laws of heaven and earth, eliminate opposition in society.

While on earth organize all aspects are defective:

1/– Politically:

+ Feudalism previously available only to the king, and the authorities (yang), no organization (yin) represent the people, born dictator.

+ Mode 1 Party: Party leader (yang) with two organizations representing people (yin) is National Assembly and Front is Excess 1, but all 2 does not  real content.

+ Multi-party regime: there ruling party (yang), and party opposition (yin) represent the people, activities good, but in competition with each other, especially when elections to compete for leadership, rules is wrong; whereas in the power circuit and the circulation … yin yang body is stable, no changed.

Not only compete in their own country, which is competition between modes occurs.

On the other hand, global: no competent institutions actually decide everything should happen perpetual war that no one has the right to stop, see the reform of the United Nations, where the link:


 To end the war between major powers, need to remove the coterie, because coterie is divisive, within 1 National, and different countries (it is the source of war) . So reforming the entire management structure – political society all the water, remove partisan, but not back dictatorial monarchy, that: establish "social management structure – political" new: A leader with 2 systems "consistent with the biochemical cycles of the universe."

- Each national: uniform system terms organization:

- Headed by the National Home (as President, Chairman); general management, followed by the two systems of yin yang harmonious balance each other:

- National Executive Committee include:

Chairman of the National Committee (as prime minister), followed by 10 sets, manage all aspects of society – national politics (yang).

- People's Representative: National Association, followed by unions (associations) function, the association has the right to practice in all areas of social activity, and have vertical systems (yin), completely independent of the administrative system.

- Two different system balance, just contact at the National People's Congress.

- Global transformed into a new organization to replace the United Nations, these organizations actually have the power, prestige and leadership in all aspects, thoroughly treated worldwide. The title is: Governance worldwide (執政 世 全); the head is: World-wide master (世 全 主).

2/- Practice repair (脩練):

in heaven: On is Dominical, and the angels (yang) and Buddhism (yin) represents humanity is only one system. But ignorance of the people to organize thousands of religions, with the principles and objectives of the various repair practices, creating unnecessary opposition.

Yijing said:  " Same kind (同聲) respectively, (相應) Homogeneous (同 氣) relative demand (相 逑) "(115KD):

Two things need to have both: Same kind  have Homogeneous will respectively (相應), relative demand (相 逑).

In the universe all the objects are the same as prescribed by the laws of heaven and earth.

If there is only with Same kind; heterogeneous gas; or:  Homogeneous, no  with Same kind will is opposition (對立), it is really a danger.

Repair practices the exact same would be nice; but the world has hundreds or even thousands religion, of different expectations for different ideas, generated opposition; it is the source of the "Holy War" now.

All religions speak Practice repair (脩練) to the death to Heaven, Buddha, God of heaven procession, Penglai … enjoy happy life.

But in Heaven have Penglai … greeted the monks enlightened secular or not? happy place? Religion is not explained.

There are religions refuse to go to heaven, but enlightened views in the world, turns out the Buddha back to life to save the life. The idea that progress. But really, people can cultivate the spirit become Buddha like? they do not explain. This is a common drawback of Practice repair current.

On the planet there are many religions. A typical three major religions:

1. Christianity: vọng tưởng đến God.

2. Islam: vọng tưởng đến Thiên thần.

3. Buddhism: Buddhist teachings, moral goals for saving mankind

Often two different things in the body will destroy each other, such as lighted candles in the noon will destroyed. Two other religions in society will compete.

According Yijing: yin with yin, yang with yang opposition; yin with yang with no opposition.


In the system presented in Heaven (view on map c)

Christians and Islam belong yang, yin Buddhism.

According Yijing: yin and yang together sympathetic without opposition; yin with yin, and yang with yang  to be opposites.

Thus Buddhism with Christianity – Islam with Buddhism with no objections. Christianity and Islam are all yang – should be opposed.

Each religion has been divided into several different lines; as:

- Buddhism have: Mahayana and Mahayana small.

- Christians have: Christianity and Protestant Catholic

- Islamic have: Sunni and Shiite Muslims  …

In particular yang yang opposition with heavier, yin and yin opposition less, like two roosters stronger than stone, 2 hens weak rock.

- Buddhism have Small Mahayana and  Mahayana is the yin with yin, Small differences no opposition.

- Catholic and Protestant yang all the heavy competition. And Sunni to Shiite and Kurdish opposition is even more difficult.

The reason is:

- Islamic symbol angel forces directly blessing, punishment for mankind (the embodiment of the executive power), 2 different lines fierce opposition markedly heavy.

- Christianity is the embodiment of supreme power, but not the direct force, which mediated the implementation force, reactive comprehensive the deep and stronger; express power is governments of Western nations.

Synthesis of two factors on: it is origin "Holy War" of Islam fierce against the West today.

To bring peace peace and happiness for mankind must eliminate the "Holy War" is inevitable, but not by the use of military power to destroy each other as the "war on terror" now; that need a new intellectual and moral high deeper:

- In each Country: Managing social entity is composed  of the three entities are:

National master have administrative agencies, representatives of People's Union.

On heaven every ruling the same is must three throne; a single person can not decision of things. Repair practices must respect synchronized to three throne, can not be ignored any  throne. So to perform religious unified, implementation of the (三四宗教歸原) "Three Four Religion return original" (3.4 into a religious gathering), a high moral depth of Repair practices.

All the circulatory system of the human body and animals; and organizational systems in heaven, is: move from yang to yin, and then returned to the source (arrows upon moving clockwise in Figure c).

God does not directly admission the information from the earth; angels receive directive from God and balcony to the worldly; not have transported back to God, Therefore repair Practice: 3 revered throne, but that idea to with Buddha; New Buddha receive full consider submissions on.

Practice repair upward God or angels are beyond level, ignoring Buddha: who represented himself, did not have the basic teachings are defective, the reverse move within cycle; the unattainable wish.

Buddhist Practice repair, but not entirely under general beliefs of some sects in Buddhism. Special is repair practice Buddha did not mean to become a Buddha.

Methods are properly repaired is: follow the true teachings of Buddha to his training at a higher level of current life.

When people understand and act religious unified, will terminate every gap,  hostility, the "Holy War" will automatically erase, contribute to peace peace and happiness to mankind.

3/- In addition, the defect on the Use nouns World (世界)  global call are major defects make the life worlds full of gloom, tribulation; (see UN reform)

Summary: To remove war and bring eternal peace to mankind. need to remove the global opposition to a particular content:

1.- Reform of the entire political structure management – social of all States: the top is the National master (as President, Chairman); followed by the Chairman of the National Administrative Committee (as the current prime minister), followed by are 10 sets (see Economic Structure suitable biochemical cycle of the universe by the link:


Representing People are: Assembly Union has the right to have function in all areas of social activity, and vertical systems (yin), this system completely independent of the government (yang). Two different systems communicate only in the National People's Congress.

Global: UN Turning into a new organization than actually reputable and responsible leadership global processing: Establish Commission global leadership, The head is: HOME global; followed by is a total sets of 10 (see UN reform with links:


2 – On Practice repair:

Need to fix defects opposites in Practice between religions, perform religious unified, determine the proper repair goals with 2 goals is "Strengthening health longevity, and implementation Intelligent knows all things in universe, uniform implementation of religion and life, per person a saint in the world, turning the Heaven on Earth and not search the heaven, nirvana where far away at all. (View all purpose Practice repair).

3 – Change of name :

Put the word World ( 世界): ways is bad have made mankind always immersed in the dark, this disaster. Innovate: world wide (世全) referred to global, bring joy, prosperity forever to humanity (see UN reform).

Based on thorough understanding of the law of the universe and the spiritual magic projection of the Heaven Land, making people aware of the proper rules, self-abandon all political hostility, creating harmony fellow, stop the war, make peace is eternal globe.

After the war ended, to create peace and happiness, prosperity with two pressing issues are:

a / – Need to renovate the air in a comprehensive and thorough; please see the article:

1. Climate Change.

2. The role of trees.

3. Wind – Bermuda Triangle

4. Cutting deforestation.

5. Exploitation of oil.

6. Livestock.

7. Disaster.

8. Events freeze US 53 degrees, 47 degrees Indian hot.

b – Economic reform: Create economic management structure right with the laws of heaven and earth:

9.Khung economic crisis ..

10. Economic Theory.

11. The economic structure suitable biochemical cycles of the universe. Thoroughly overcome the economic crisis, the economy creates sustainable development for humanity.

See complete each article, click on the link to read the following article 1-11). Before viewing poster 1: Climate Change, click on the link: http://caitaohoancau.com/en/climate-change/


- Due to lack of understanding of the law of Heaven land: Politically, many different political regimes created with different institutional mechanisms that occur constant war to eventually lead to "World War".

- Practice repair the various religious purposes, creating many different religions competing opposition finally the "Holy War" now.

- When comprehend the profound philosophy proper law of heaven land, reunification mechanism of social and political organization in accordance with the biochemical cycle of the universe will end the armed conflict, ending World War; about practicing the religion with only a single path correctly, not religious competition will terminate "Holy War" (Jihad). Along with "Improving the climate" termination disaster, epidemic diseases, and "Economic Reform crisis ended, ending poverty, that time will bring peace and happiness, eternal prosperity for mankind.


Yijing says: "Extreme events will change – will reverse) (物 窮 則 變 – 物 極 則 反) (120D), all subjects that have compression will jumped as the will compression springs have sprung up.

After the upheaval this will be the golden period, mankind will have new change: rising Yen fun, civilized, prosperous eternal.

These people truly devoted to human life, please remove all hostility political ethnic, religious narrow-minded, and concentric reconstituted as a millennium. To:

Make a sociable human community, all nations large and small regardless, rich and poor are equal, and have are responsible for building a peaceful planet, civilized, prosperous, no war .

- Creating a balance between the material and spiritual society, building good relationships between people, gradually eliminate cockroaches between rich and poor, on man.

- Training for people with life and beauty of perspectives: In light of the moral, spiritual impartial, independent in life.

When a country completed Datong, they maintain international relations, help poor countries grow together quickly, Datong this planet will be completed. That is the main content of the Longhua.

Read more: UN reform where link: http://caitaohoancau.com/en/reform-the-un/

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