Felled trees deforestation is the main cause of the disaster, the floods directly created:


a) – felled trees deforestation:

-Felled trees was the main reason causes all natural disasters, especially floods: All trees are often kept in a water body it, if collecting all the trees on the planet, water was like a sea on the continent. Trees are cut first evaporation, following heavy rains caused than usual.  When rain water trees has attracted, make as porous land absorb large quantities of water Earth to create the aquifers (inside Earth) pour out to sea; cutting trees has increased rainfall, make the land has hardened, not water permeable, generate increasingly severe floods.

b) – Oil Exploitation, exploitation of groundwater:

Conventional science says Climate change causing all Disaster well not exactly, because if that change gas heat distribution evenly everywhere then nothing happens. The risk is that the disparity: where the mutation cold as even summer that is where the ice water, or the mutation hot spot. The difference was only a bad thing,  create any disaster, and are due in the ground, causes by the oil extraction, groundwater extraction; particularly oil extraction.

Atmospheric oxygen (air) lack  to neutralize the hot gas, a typical  Summer 1998 have a mutation hot (due to volcanic ocean which scientists called elnino, mainly caused by oil extraction); the Sahara desert and Li-Bi increasingly hotter. Desert Storm active do not control the hot gas the surface of Earth, but also encroached on the floor up neutralize all of cold gas.

It also pushed the remaining cold gas on high the range floor, not can be combined with steam at low floor to produce rain.

There are a number of water vapor being pushed up by the heat, cold air meet create rain, but the rain clouds are usually sporadic and small, have too little rain clouds on the way fall down hot air pushed upwards, do not fall down to Earth the rain   (This phenomenon is easy to understand, Like all summer  usually do not drizzle); the region's drought, seriously affect food security.

What's next disaster: If compared to the human body remove what the excess; in this universe such:  Where this water the excess  will move to another elsewhere create more rain caused flooding. Therefore: drought and flooding always occurs in parallel between different regions (where this drought, flooding elsewhere). And conditions are volcanic ocean (El nino) is due to malfunction in the ground that is.


2002 has thousands of people die from hot, because of flooding; from 2013, 2014 … Disaster risks are more serious than if people do not have the measures to rescue.

Lack of oxygen – atmospheric temperatures rise, life threatened.  On the other hand increasing atmospheric temperatures ice melt the polar, along with cutting down trees increased rainfall. Two water sources to  made increasingly rising sea  engulfed the island and low land areas of Earth immediately. Situation that: parallel disaster not incalculable  for flooded areas, saltwater will penetrate deeper into the remaining areas, would cripple agriculture, famine, disease will spread, dead trees to cause chain reaction as heavy  the later.

2.- Volcano – Volcano ocean:

a) – Volcano:

Due to oil extraction, groundwater extraction create space inside,   some lava by cracks the outermost layer of the earth's crust  sprayed onto the volcano.



As previously said: room metabolism in the eastern hemisphere of Earth, Doors Gas hose earth (地氣門) in the Western Hemisphere, the Countries on the road the move of oxygen supply should dispersal strong biological rhythms, good crops almost year round as in Vietnam country, and Thailand, Xingapore.

While the lava transport across follow the moon create warmth for the earth, and on the National paths generally higher temperatures usually volcanoes occur, such as Indonesia … .


b)- Volcano ocean:

Scientists have warned phenomenon warmer ocean currents as atmospheric temperatures rise elnino called. But why is this phenomenon? And the extent of the harm it is no explanation.

Due intermediate soil broken, lava spills into the water circuit  (depleted), thrust of the gas inside the strong made lava encroachment on to the ocean created volcanoes in the ocean.

Hot lava make up intense evaporation, heat as the wind disseminate the affect atmospheric temperatures in large scale.

This phenomenon contribute to the heat  "mutation" of recent atmospheric. 

Major impact volcanic ocean a serious disturbance rhythm of the ocean ecosystem, and affect the overall ecological environment:

The heat from the lava killed organisms within large, environmental pollution, special incineration algae across the board, like effects  forest fires on the continent; therefore ecological rhythms still a long way to recover.

In volcanic ocean mainly lava damaging spot, do not heat the water goes away, no water flow in the ocean, and it only works with a term, not long, while the lava invasions making jams groundwater warm sea water is long, sometimes permanently,  lack of heat to the ocean floor, water created ice to each region, that parallel currents full glacial from bipolar active spread control  ocean water on a large scale, it is transforming rapidly heat lack large areas, which scientists called El Nina, Life in the oceans also increasingly narrowed.

Volcanic ocean (elnino), and its subsequent evolution (elnina),  combined with yin yang imbalance hot gas of the atmosphere create serious disturbances climate, induced disasters, disease continuously, increasingly more severe.


Circuit water, dried oil circuit created vast gaps. Dry cracks – in the ground, cracks linked together, it avalanche, create earthquakes.

When groundwater, oil filled circuit – landslides do not occur, and if have, the pieces that fell in fluid no strong shock, but people do make it has dried up, the large array of landslides fall in the vast space, strong impact on the earth's crust. That is the reason earthquakes.

In the Sichuan earthquake in China a phenomenon is:

before ponds, lakes countries in the region are dry, cracked soil,

frogs, crabs, butterflies filled the jump, fly; Scientists for the

"Phenomenon strange"- Do not see why?



While lava move – follow the moon bring oxygen and heat throughout nourish the earth – oil also move parallel – create moderation heat dissipation to maintain the average temperature of the earth's crust.

The excessive exploitation of oil, it has exhausted, not filled to run through the entire circuit lava everywhere.

"Strange phenomenon" mentioned above is due oil circuit in Sichuan … near the earth's crust no longer flows above of the lava; while lava  still operating, no have oil, it strongly radiating draining make the lake, ponds dry up; toad, crab, butterfly  hide in burrows with strong heat, it crawling, jumping, flying a haphazard way.

The heat was so contagious rapid soil drying, cracks, landslides

caused by a major earthquake.

After the earthquake tens of thousands small earthquakes in the same, shocks that create new cracks, land next to landslide which are called aftershocks.

Deforestation of the trees, groundwater extraction, mining, especially oil and gas exploration excessive – the volcano (including volcanic ocean), earthquakes increasing with increasingly greater extent, can buried both neighborhoods, major cities into the ground.

4.- Tsunami:

The phenomenon of strong waves sudden appearance stormed harm in the islands and coastal areas called tsunamis.

Tsunamis only operate within the country, when it passes boats on the water remain calm, only small waves; but across it suddenly stormed ashore, caused disaster. Scientists have explained shock waves by earthquakes and volcanoes oceans.  Was not satisfactorily explained. In fact after tsunami heavy damage in South Asia, people established tsunami forecasting stations cost billions of dollars, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (daily), but with earthquakes then, the wave warning Tsunami caused a stir, disturbance of people's lives, but there was no tsunami at all.

In contrast in 2008 parallel the storm on Burma is a tsunami in Malaysia to tens of meters high waves killing dozens of people that station "tsunami forecast" not found previous warning,  because no previous earthquakes. Following the earthquake in Malaysia scientists say "It is due to the vibrations of the sea",  but did not know the cause, station "tsunami forecast" remain; and after a few times forecast error, then the Sichuan in China  and many consecutive earthquakes in Southeast Asia and Japan, especially in 2010 Tsunami in Indonesia stations did not notice anything; it really is useless.

The reason for this irony  due to the earthquake and tsunami the two events are entirely different causes:

- Earthquake vibrations are strong in the ground, it is the physical trauma should have shaken the whole block and not able to generate such waves; station "tsunami forecast" seismometers to forecast tsunami that is wrong.

- Volcanic ocean must be accompanied by phenomena strongly heated seawater evaporates.

Indeed tsunami appeared not accompanied by the phenomena such.

Tsunamis are caused by waves underground in the sea; earthquakes no thrust pent up water to create waves, that tsunami is due to winds inside the ocean; winds inside the ocean middle tier should as it passes through on the water is calm, only the average wind twisted get up on its path, no harm.

Normal ocean wind Oxygen is provided feeding organisms in the oceans, at go such although the mighty but that harmony, like the air strong winds but is harmony; only when on the go encounter obstructions such as islands, continental shelf … New winds stand up shove strong on damage create.

The reason for tsunami: due to waves Basic deviate path in the ocean by disturbances biological rhythms in the ground and oceans (incidents like stroke of the cerebral cortex).

On the other hand the ocean wind on the go also have at to meet earthquake, Basic deflect away – cause tsunamis, and this coincidence is highly unlikely.

5.- storm:

a / – Tropical low pressure:

Everybody knows

Tropical low pressure occur at sea to develop into hurricanes;

meteorological stations were detected before. But cause have low pressure do not explain.

"Earth is body living" within have the biochemical, but more importantly is convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, the feed itself and nurtures all creatures; biochemical oxygen divided into 3 parts:

-Combined Heat and the resulting lava flow around gas generated power of the ground.

-Spray into the sea – organisms sea feed, called the ocean winds by Water gas door  (水 氣門).

-Spray into the air- humans and all species on the earth's surface, made ​​his self around the operation, and around the sun  (Content has said this before):

On the consumption of the earth's surface excessive oxygen  (also mentioned before); in the sea not only do not consume, excessive fishing to reduce consumption, oxygen becomes redundant. Terrestrial ecology and seabed difference.

Contact vivo of the people and the animals: when one somewhere injury: Blood lead to oxygen gas the heat  is to heal, should injuries often red and hot, it is the natural of vivo live.

And "The Earth is a living organism", with ecology difference, Earth is adjusted: oxygen from sea sprayed into the atmosphere.

Wind oceans normal blowing angle of 20-25 degrees, to compensate for atmospheric spray it with 40-45 degree angle from the sea, everyone knows move quickly objects, the low pressure, low temperature; strong wind from the sea blowing up  create a low pressure zone, That is the only reason to create low pressure, in addition certainly can not cause any other.

The storm formed:

Low pressure region ocean  rapidly into storm swirling, heavy rain storms are combined, and go often is from east to west.

Origins was created by two opposing winds:

1) – Wind from gas the water gate (水 氣門):

Normal ocean wind  gas from the water gate (水 氣門) blowing angles 25 degrees back, Oxygen spread across the sea feed the sea animals, it just escaped lightly on the water by spirals, create the cool wind, fresh from the sea.

The air rises water sometimes quite sharply, forming the sea breeze, blow on the continent make coastal air always clean.

Wind at sea sometimes very strong, have the ability to control, adjusted wind in large areas, with impact the basic wind (wind from the gas door earth (地氣門), forming swirling winds,

Core crop damage, homes, sometimes lifting objects take away sent other remote locations, as raining fish, frogs rain.

When storm: water gate gas (水 氣門) gale blow equivalent angle of 45 degrees, from east to west (the same direction as the gas door earth (地氣門).



Velocity of moving objects the faster: The lower the temperature,The lower the pressure. Gas water gate (水 氣門)

strong wind blowing time  Quick and forming an area of ​​low pressure in the air, meteorological stations which detected  called "tropical depressions". Gas water gate (水 氣門)  at the seabed, with the sudden turn angle,  many cases old whale  no sparkling up, with sucked sprayed up into the rain Blood; sometimes vessels are within that  also threw sucked up through the mountains.

Regarding the direction of travel: the wind from the desert to the weaker compare wind from gas water gate (水 氣門), Should the wind usually move from east to west.

The water gate gas (水 氣門) puff have some water sea fascinated, radiating make salt precipitation in some neighboring neighborhood (by operated steam away do not far).

On the other hand; oxygen created by metabolic reactions high temperature inside Earth), make water evaporates, strong force to blow the wind attract water vapor radiating around  bring rain causes everywhere (freshwater rain) the large area, and the misty is rain storm, not rain clouds with lightning  rain as usual, but sometimes simultaneously incorporating the rain clouds last for several days create flooded, damage  much wider area.

When hurricane landfall a distance gradually gas water gate (水 氣門) weak wind blows, and the trees – block make reduce fading storm.

Due to late spring to winter have monsoon from 2 desert; 

so This time low pressure is stronger than make the storm, late winter to early spring also low air pressure, but no wind  2 desert Sahara and Libya to should not create strong turbulence, not fast wind speeds more, not constitute storms.

Gas water gate (水 氣門) sprayed onto status on; gas door earth (地 氣門) air nozzle above the sea surface, not attract water; strong force gas injection, speeds many times faster low pressure zone created greater multiple comparison gas water gate (水 氣門) spray the storm, but this is a regular activity,  meteorological stations currently undetectable; low pressure was also attract the surrounding gas, but the air velocity is not strong enough comparison of gas injection power door earth (地 氣門), should not influence operation of the earth. The cause: gas water gate (水 氣門) create low pressure gas injection, forming storm is due oxygen imbalance operation between the ground and the sea:

-Gas door-earth (地 氣門) provides Oxygen feed people and all things on the earth's surface.

-Gas water-gate (水 氣門) Oxygen supply  sustain marine life.

Distribution was formerly balance; but people have seriously altered:

- In seabed mining seafood outrageous, of marine animals significantly reduced, where depleted, oxygen "expense" becomes redundant.

Khai thác đánh bắt hải sản

- On the ground while the population increased, excessive livestock, and industrial development excessive energy onsumption, oxygen in the atmosphere severely lacking.

Depressions are caused by gas water gate (水 氣門) blowing straight up in the air adjust the amount of oxygen supply the sea for the earth's surface.

So after the storm atmosphere becomes cool than before.

At the Earth's surface only 1 power door earth (地 氣門), gas injection with a powerful force cover gas around the globe. Gas water gate (水 氣門) less gas injection 1 pneumatic subjects should; Do not operate the air in the entire oceans, that each gas water gate (水 氣門) sector 1 different; Pacific broader all, Gas water gate (水 氣門) stronger. Often create pressure created storms.

Humans made environmental disturbance, it will be more floods, the first nation in wind waves suffer severe consequences; in which African-Philippines heavier all in Southeast Asia wavefront.


The phenomenon of strong waves hit sudden appearance harm in the island and coastal areas called tsunamis. Tsunamis only operate within the country, when it across – boats on the water is calm, only small waves – While it through suddenly they erupt up stormed ashore. Scientists have explained: because shock waves by earthquake volcanoes and oceans.

Was not satisfactorily explained. Indeed tsunami heavy damage in South Asia -  people and organizations tsunami forecasting stations cost billions of dollars, daily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but with the earthquakes then,  one tsunami warning, disturbing and disturbed people's lives, but there was no tsunami at all. In contrast in 2008  parallel storm days in Burma then a tsunami in Malaysia, to tens of meters high waves killing dozens of people, station "tsunami forecast" no warning before being; because no previous earthquakes; then scientists have said  "It is due to the vibrations of the sea",  but did not know the cause, so the station "tsunami forecast" remain, and after a few times forecast error  then the Sichuan earthquake in China  and many consecutive earthquakes in Southeast Asia and Japan, station "tsunami forecast" Tsunami warning not dare anymore, it really is useless.

Sóng thần

The reason for this irony due to earthquake and tsunami the two events have entirely different causes:

- Earthquakes are powerful vibrations in the ground, it is object concussion, should have shaken the whole block  and not to make waves so, station "tsunami forecast" seismometer  for tsunami forecast is wrong.

- Ocean volcano must be accompanied by phenomena strongly heated seawater evaporates. Indeed tsunami appeared not accompanied by such phenomena.

Tsunamis are is due to wind causes ocean;  ocean wind just blew up in the middle tier, So when it goes through the water is calm, only the average wind escape up the spiral path its path, no harm; The earthquake did not push  water to generate powerful waves.

Wind oceans systemic oxygen feeding organisms in the oceans, it mean peace, only when on the go encounter obstructions such as islands, continental shelf … winds stand up bucket to hit areas front.

The reason for tsunami deviate due to waves fundamental way in the ocean, by disturbances biological rhythms in the ground and oceans (just like the stroke of people).

On the other hand the ocean wind sometimes on the way to meet earthquake, volcanic ocean. Basic deflect away cause tsunamis;  the tsunami in Southeast Asia it is the met; and this coincidence is highly unlikely,  Should these earthquakes tsunami forecasting stations are wrong.

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