Help Mankind

Help Mankind! Great content are many religions mentioned, everyone is looking forward to, hopefully in time " end of life" referring to the day "apocalypse" of humanity.

But save those? What to do to save?

The study of a particular program is important. We offer suggest 4 content is:

I. The program modifies the atmosphere:

It is important to lower atmospheric temperatures at least 2 ° ,  with one specific program properly law the universe, ending disease epidemic disaster for humanity (can not! to this year 2020  stop, not increase the CO2s is a 2 degrees, COP 21 are established). Please view 12 posts on Climate Change in website, and the focus is "convert climate" where links:

II. Termination economic crisis:

Create a prosperous life,  by the structural reform of economic management – the society with the rule: "Economic activity autonomy by the people, the government holds executive economy mediated Banking  Finance system. " See 3 articles on economics, opening the article "Economic Crisis in website by link:

III- Termination of war, peace building permanent and happiness to mankind: 

Structural reforms social management politics: every country thoroughly reform the old leadership structure, establish new mechanisms without partisan: A head of state, with 2 government system (yang), unions representing the people (yin) Balance, crossover "No dictatorship, no opposition,"  consistent with the biochemistry of the universe ; along with the UN reform, become the new organization with full credibility and authority leaders in all aspects of global, terminate both large and small wars between the factions in each country, or between States together, ending world war. 

And adjust global reunification Repair Practice universal law (three four religions entered into a), community  people, and religions do reunification 1, terminate the "Holy War" (will post in the near future website).

IV.- Create the yen fun, healthy, prosperity for the masses:

Human life have 2 the biggest happiness: cozy happiness and good health, not sickness, followed prosper, we can adjust to make up.

It is reflected in the relationship God – personality (between God with People), and People's House Orientation (There are specific programs attached)

 (see section c Repair Practice universal law by links:

Hence: Repair Practice universal law is one of the important content that people need.


In addition to fate destined for heaven, a number of issues that can now be automatically adjusted wich this program adjustments: as orientation of buildings , that character spend for human self-determination attached between humans and character, especially The relationship between God and man in this millennium, wich: global change adequately addressed.

Continue reading The Law of Absorption and Energy Conversion where link:


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