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Lomonoxop Energy Conservation Law of Conservation is true for all fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and theology. But then (after Lomonoxop): absorbed, transformed what? How to change? Not! Science is lacking. Therefore, creating a rule is necessary.

A) Sun emits magnetic, optical, hot:

The sun emits ions, bright, hot everyone knows, the heat combined light moving fast with the speed of 300,000 km/s create power.

For example:

Oven drying temperature thousands, Open the oven door, people 5-10m a few seconds heat will come, when there is strong wind through or use horizontal glass cover will not hot ..

More than a million kilometers from the sun, the earth – the above does not always have strong winds, but the heat is not affected; cloud few hundred meters, cloud just passed is hot to instant. Sit in a car near the glass, the heat through as outside. (Direct sunlight is associated with light – hot is not blocked). Fireplace fire is alone blocked.

+ Burning 1 kg of TNT: single heat, it burns red light, not lift all material up; stimulated by detonator immediately, it causes loud explosion, white light creating, lifting 1 ton to 1 m.

+ Car operation: Small fuel spray in the engine room, sparks instant combustion, optical – combined hot fast emitted according to light, make the car start the engine to operate vehicles.

+ Light alone does not have the power, for example: the light from the lighthouse strong, but does not create power, use a magnifying glass to focus light properly objects (which focuses light) (light combination hot) cause objects will burn, rotating the rotor.

The Sun moves orbit also emits a magnetic field, combined optical, hot forming the mixed magnetic, optical, hot, providing the solar system.

B)- Earth absorbs the ion electric, bright, heat.

Not only distribution of solar energy is strong enough, it must be absorbed by the earth to create strong energy.

- Outside the atmosphere: is cold, opaque light, upper reaches of the sky, we see a green surrounded;  is often called clouds blue, it is the depth of dense light gray color.

Compared to the earth: Yijing said:  "The sun yang south – north yin" – on earth Southern Yin – yang north. "Sun South yang energy emitted, Earth: South yin absorption transported northwards yang release; Sun North yin absorption, forming a closed circuit. This is the reason to cause yin electricity Earth..

Yin power of Earth  induce absorption ion electric, light, hot; In combination with water vapor, oxygen generates the survival of the species. 
- Attractive energy (electric ions, bright, sun head) – also produces white light, and the heat of the Earth.

Three yang gas of sun (ion electric, light, hot), combined with yin 2 gas (water steam, gas) in a mixture: ion electric, optical, hot (solar protons from the sun) run inside; and water vapor, gas (yin electron gas) around.

Yijing said: "All things in the universe are generated by five elements" it this gas are also five elements: Wood magnetic, optical, Gold, hot fire, water. That is the whole universe energy is nothing more than magnetic, optical, hot, water vapor, gas; is energy that gives life and all motion, of human biochemistry and all things.

How did the rainbow appear, and how many colors did the rainbow have?

- On the internet answered: "It glittering colors? The white light is dispersed into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. …. "White light through the prism will be dispersed into a band of colors." This color band is called spectrum.

"The rainbow is essentially a semi-circular spectrum, that is color light transmitted through through water a prism dispersed."

The NASA universe agency said: "The five color cloud is a phenomenon that occurs when clouds carry more water droplets diffracting or bending light, causing light to be reflected in wavelengths, or colors," create different colors.

Thus, the rainbow-colored cloud resembles a rainbow – created by diffraction, and also produces a variety of colors, including blue, green, red, purple, and blue.

The rainbow is made up of refraction or refraction.

Both: on the Internet and Nasa interpreted the sunlight as a canopy of colors through water vapor, which looks like a "prism" that disperses the light of the sun.

The explanation is not quite right! The sun itself does not have enough 5 color; The sun has only three types of gas with three colors: light (white metal), electric ion (green), heat (fire red). Three types of gas, entering the atmosphere through Water (black) and Oxygen (Yellow) create five colors.

In the rainbow below, looking from outside: green, yellow, red, while the inside out white and black are not clear; is the reflection color blur: white unknown, the next black is no also clear.

Other colors are easy to understand, in color black  people hard to imagine; the white cloud is due to the sun's rays, while the dark clouds do not have sunlight, the clouds themselves are black, especially when the rain is full of sky. black clouds (ie water vapor is black).

Thus, the five-color rainbow is due to light from the sun, through the atmosphere, in which water vapor and oxygen act as "prisms" and add color.


Five basic colors are confirm is green, yellow, red, black, white, In addition to the colors purple, gray … just because the color inserts into each other.

It also shows that the basic energy in the universe is nothing but electricity, light, heat, water, oxygen (also the Five Elements): Kim, Wood, Water, Hot, Earth. This miraculous energy provides life and movement, biochemistry of man and of things (Yijing says: "everything is born of yin, yang," and Five elements will be explained). more clearly in the back.

C)- LAW absorb energy metabolism:


Absorb energy metabolism magnetic, optical, hot, water steam, gas of God Land (Earth Sun) is the life source of the people – with all activity and biochemistry of all things in the universe.

A- About the mechanics: There will be a clear explanation the next part.

B- For the living body:

-  In movement mechanics ion điện, light, hot (yang inside), Water vapor, oxygen (yin) outside  is surrounded; yin, yang equilibrium.

- With living body (body yin – yang of mind):

People and plants and animals also absorb these 5 substances to biochemistry. The body needs warmth for biochemical reactions and operate all aspects – mind crystallize in the brain – need cold – to calm review all aspects. So the distribution of gas mixture is different.

+ The human body has 5 big points: the top (the central brain, where the crystalline spirit of the general command body), Printed the road (between the two eyebrows is the reception, share 5 gases); the chest (the area includes the heart, liver, lungs, stomach stalk), Dan fill (below the umbilical cord, share where the five nutrients (五行) of the body), kidneys filtered water.

Assign the path (seat adjacent eyebrows eyelid) hot gas separation of the gas mixture of yang (yang just remaining magnetic, optical) – hot gas to be combined with water vapor, oxy, create mixtures new (yin): hot, water steam, oxy.

- Warm, water steam, gas to the lungs: pulmonary strong force (expressed when lung injury, blood gushing nose foam) – compressed air high pressure, creating hot body 37 degrees, the water vapor condensation into liquid blood, create blood cells, and red blood pass through the heart to feed the body.

Hot, steam, oxygen are colorless gases, but why are red blood cells made red?

We study: iron bars put into the fire it heats up and red, firewood burns is red coal, brick kiln, the tile turns red; It is caused by heat (red fire) when strong stimulates the heat is red.

In the human and animal body, the lungs push the carbon dioxide out, bringing the oxygen make oxygen the blood cells, heating and the red blood create (red blood cells create).

– Hot and oxygen gases combine where the heart create psychological about: courageous, feelings, sad, love, hate, anger … .- Magnetic, Optical: put on the brain brain creates mental mind – control, commanding all body activities:

+ Optics  created intelligence, learn about everything.

+ Ion electricity creates stimulate the thinking, and the ability induction the nerves between brain to get the information to take care of all aspects of the body organs.

+ Electric and optical coupling together create the agility of information capture and management of all activities of biochemical objects.

The only brain absorbed magnetic, optical – not by gaseous oxygen, as evidenced by the whole brain is always cold and white, no blood vessels in the brain (which new blood vessels provide hot gas and oxy).

The brain does not receive blood directly, but the "inner yang, yin outside" inside the yang brain, the outside is the yin cortex -   the yin yang harmony, which is the indirect interface that induces brain sensation to regulate all aspects of the body (*).

Conclusion: God born mind, earth born can (God Born soul earthly beings: Ion electricity and Heaven's light create soul); (water vapor and oxygen of the soil form the body); Heat does not produce anything but contributes to energy activity; Like: humans and species red Heat  they form the basis and ability of the body to function; The species white blood, Cold Body, Heat  make up the brain energy produce prophecies.

"Yang motion, yin stand still" brain yang is dynamic, the dynamic is not the brain cells (because the brain activity consists of thinking, the god), and the operation of electricity; so that although normal, but in the brain is always rotating like dinamo of rotor; It has been shown that people have dizziness. (Dizziness is caused by an imbalance between the positive electrode of the brain and yin energy of the blood vessel).

Normal yang gas inside the rotating brain, the outside yin gas in the cerebral vessels also rotate in equilibrium, yang gas is not radiate  out, people are stable. 

There are 2 cases of dizziness:

a/- Normally the hypertension due to high cholesterol in the blood, blood vessels do not expand to high blood pressure, but not enough blood in the cerebral cortex (yin), not enough to induce the rotation follow of electric the brain (yang), the rotation of the brain (residual) shock to the body: electric rotation- dizziness.

This case of dizziness is to adjust the amount of cortical blood enough for the electrical rotation in the brain, primarily by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

b/- Also due to the imbalance between electricity the rotation of the brain and electricity the blood; but in contrast to the cortical circular rhythm that is stronger than the circadian rhythm, like smoking, drinking, drugs … This analysis of drinking: Typical are high drinking concentrations, heart beat strong; blood: cerebral cortex increased, make increased rotation electricity cortical, strong electricity the brain ring;  make make people dizzy.  

The severe damage is the heat of the body, the effect on the brain warm up, the brain is not cold, the hot is not calm, consider everything; Heavy drinking causes many people to lose their wisdom, doing many wrong things (Like cold-blooded animals, hot brain is only active immediately without thinking, not knowledge).

The only solution is to strictly prohibit the production, business, use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs ..

Medical industry said: cerebral vascular, cerebrovascular accident is not accurate; which is literally: circuit blood cortex cerebral;  cortex circuit blood accident.

Collapse unexpectedly: science called "catastrophe cerebrovascular" is not true, it happens as follows:

Blood vessels in the ruptured cerebral cortex, with the yin-yang induction (brain yang)  attractive (blood yin), blood into the brain, create direct contact between the brain and blood (which makes yin-yang direct contact) cause trouble.  

Cosmic law is indirect yin yang, not directly, as the direct connection of two-pole battery balance, power. Blood (yin) into the brain (yang). Electricity yang's brain will be lost.
The brain divides many separate areas, each with a part of the brain that controls the part of the body, and the part of the brain that is affected by the bloodstream causes problems for the body parts.

Herefore, in order to treat stroke, scientists need elaborate study the functioning of the brain, wherever the body is affected, we know what brain location to stop bleeding. , and to drain the blood, the brain will gradually recover.

- Sudden death: Due to severe hemorrhage most of the cerebral,

or hemorrhage central brain,

or hemorrhage of the respiratory brain.

or hemorrhage blood the brain circulates blood.

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