Orbits earth sun – sun, earth orbits

By moving the earth's orbit around the sun, scientists said "when far attractive, when near ejected"  this thesis is incorrect, because the theory does not explain be: why have energy attractive, energy ejected  so?
Yijing says:

- In celestial map trigrams (sun): the male yang, yin north.
- In earth trigrams(ground): the male yin, yang The North.

Tiên thiên và hậu thiên bát quái

Therefore, manufacturers do needle compass just north (just about pure yang) is reasonable, the language is translated magnet: needle just south (just about dark yin) is unreasonable, but literally magnet is: needle south.

Referred magnet to as the said: needle  magnetic contamination head yang back south, induction with yin south pole of earth.

Due electrodes reverse make sun and the earth touch (attraction); In parallel, the earth itself also has a second power: the equivalent rotational velocity 1.670km / h created large centrifugal force, which tends earth to separate away from the sun, but gravity is pull back; and centrifugal force was unable to pull closer again, make two forces balance each other, forcing earth orbit operating on a balanced position between the two forces, as objects the rope move rolling on pulley; and not have any thrust.

In the rotation: Rotation around itself from west to east, energy suction Centrifugal pull back, making the earth move in orbit, orbital friction to make the earth movement from east to west, reverse move itself.

Sun turns on its axis from east to west.

d/- (Power generation) of the Sun, gravity with earth:

Sun move on zodiac one round in a year as earth (starting place points Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, the Winter Solstice, and back Spring Equinox).

But zodiac Sun larger orbits Earth,  by Earth on the way to being sucked into the Sun, the path is narrow; while the Sun is the same way suck of the constellation outside, make wider the zodiac. The impact of the above forces to transport and make the path between the Sun, Earth is also different:

How to operate and attractive between the sun - earth


Orbit Sun, Earth large and small different that both move circular ring one year, due rotational velocity of the Sun faster than the speed of dial Earth.

The cause of the slow operation Instant Sun Earth is:

- Earth is on the way as it is sun drawn into, the orbit with friction, speed significantly constrained (like heavy truck friction with the road being so).

- Sun the go have energy attractive the same of how external, make the velocity increases.

On the other sprayer air  Earth (yin) slower, weaker than powerful optical sprayer, Sun's hot (yang) fast, strong power.

Sun Earth speed ratio equal the ratio of length 2 orbit.

That is zodiac sun larger (orbits the earth) how many times is the speed sun is faster than velocity the earth how many times.

Sun and Earth coalesce into a Too Pole as a grain atoms (as well as Too Pole), Sun protons (yang) Power output originating in the middle, elextron Earth (yin) wrap around, The Sun in the middle of operation fast speed Power output emits powerful force in the South (yang); Earth south (yin) absorption Power – in the south (yin) move to North (yang) release, Sun North yin collected, create circuits Power closed. That is cause land have yin Power output.  

The release and absorption (power output) between the Sun, Earth, made ​​the Earth have absorb do things fall down the land, but Earth do not appealing directly to objects, that the Sun emits hot 5,500 degrees C and strong optical source with velocity of 300,000 km / s; mixed hot, optical power to create great together; yin Earth output strongly absorbing hot source, optical power that creates attractive strongly object to all fall to land ('ll talk more thoroughly below).

Earth (yin): absorption the discrete objects into a single block – with Moon also such – Sun (yang) release magnetic, optical, hot Too yang system provides. On the other: the Sun also is yin of the Sun on,  therefore to also to attract such things as the Earth or Moon, make the objects always stick together.

In the whole universe:

-They all follow Law above, there is no move of Star to make the fly flakes.
Everything is connected into the same orbit as the Sun, Earth, Moon, no Star "lonely" go wild  -  accident create to earth.

- And no "Meteorites" nor "space junk" at all.
The need of mankind today is thoroughly grasp the laws of the universe, is it not only fight climate change, but more importantly lower atmospheric temperatures and create stability within the Earth brought mankind through accident insurance, create eternal wellbeing, and not a "meteorite hunting" or to the Moon, or to the star.

Read more Sun Distance – Earth where link: http://caitaohoancau.com/en/sun-distance-earth/

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