Repair Practice temper and body

Scene a disaster of mankind are impending. The science has not yet found an effective way to rescue. Mental activities are also equally important role, such activities there concentrated primarily in religion; but now it's drawbacks, complex, can not contribute to the rescue. In order thorough understanding of heaven and earth, we need to go deeper in the study.


Since ancient times people have faith in God, Buddha, the Holy Spirit; people revere, worship. The new year occasion, the big festival or the demand for money they pray, sometimes by coincidence that gain, but most are not; by God, the Spirit of the Universe take care according to strict law, that each one may receive as a result of the human synthesis they generate in the long run, past lives or their ancestors left, can not be invoked as instantaneous (if the bridge is get immediately where a strict anymore?). Not seen epiphany, little by little eroded faith a.

The fact that God, Buddha, God is extremely powerful, miraculous; and yet there must be conditions reflected in relation to God's and people. So clearly defines that the actual presence of God, Buddha, God in existence are fundamental issues essential.

1) – The presence of God

In the universe: "There is no object in life which in itself is not extremes", "whether it is a small discrete element always contains complete a whole as the whole of the universe (44D).  In the universe God is spirit (yang), the Earth is material (yin).

"Dry (乾): God is the birth, and Kun (坤):Earth  in the nurturing upbringing" (50D).

Ie all the biochemical, developed on Earth are caused by the spirit of God to initiate, control. Yijing said: , "The mind of people is the mind of God; Know element is also known of the whole "(45D).

in one people is morale brain controls the body (yang). Central brain systems: management common; the brain area management functions specific operational aspects such as the respiratory, digestive, circulatory … Spinal connected bridge between the central brain to the nerves to transmit spirit come over control all of the muscle transformation.

Heaven have God (Emperor),general manage,  following by the angels take care of each Phenomenon in the universe, as rain, wind, lightning … and management of all the planets in biochemistry.

But God where are you?

"All things are: outside the physical (yin), within the spirit of (yang)" (58D). Contacts in the human body, the senses, such as skin (tactile), eyes, nose, mouth, ears … is to feel universal objectivity are exposed (yin), and brain is the command center of consciousness is in the inside (yang). Between Heaven and Earth: the planet is in the realm (yin), people and things, life outside the Earth's crust (yin), while God is spirit (yang) (like the brain) is in the inside of the hand Sun (yang).

Yijing said: "It's very cold, hot land" (84D). In the human body, the brain is like the god of heaven, the whole body is material like soil. Yijing said: "heaven cold, hot land" (84D). In the human body, the brain is like the god of heaven, the whole body is material like soil.

Land for hot expression in the human body, the body warm; the brain inside the cold, the cold that the human brain sobriquet, thought out to handle things (if the warming is handling the job there is always a loophole). Similarly, between Heaven and Earth, the Earth's cold outside, but hot inside, the sun is outside hot, but inside cold; life where the Sun is on the inside. Because of cold weather that blessed gods smote the earth is always strict and flexible profound.

Yijing also said: "retractable in the yin, the yang spread out" (54D). Earth have retractable in all subjects, people and things through which gravity was clinging onto the outside of the Earth's crust. By contrast, the Sun pushed out in force (spread out to be yang), supreme because ejected, therefore him that clinging onto in the surface of the sun.

Heaven Land with the yin-yang harmony that living creatures turned out; the reconciliation magnetic – optical – thermal – steam – is a wonderful air of supreme consciousness (see the article's law absorption and energy transfer) where the link:​ .

When we breathe in, to forehead (eyelid borders between the two eyebrows) receiving gas mixture has separated into two: heat – steam – air to the lungs, pulmonary stressed do natural condensation heat of 37 degrees in the body, and water vapor condensed into liquid blood, erythrocytes pushing out carbon dioxide, oxygen instead of black to red blood transfer case, moved it passes through the heart, move around the body.

The process of human existence always optical  absorption, magnetic – from that which makes your spirit is always growing until death ". And photosynthesis – magnetic is from the Sun, ie photosynthesis – from the Spirit of God.

Heat and oxygen are combined where the heart Should the beat create can chickened with psycho-emotional as the fortitude, courage; from emotional upset, hurt, hate, anger ….

(optical – magnetic) to the brain  morale create, including: optical creates the intelligence, identify thousands of things; ion power creates reflection and induction between brain neurons, capture information to manage and operate all aspects of the body.

The process of human existence always optical absorption – ion power that which makes your spirit is always growing until death. And photosynthesis – magnetic is from the Sun, ie photosynthesis – ion power is the Spirit of God.

In the human body through the brain commanding movements of photosynthesis – ion power the nervous system, thanks to the speed of light (300.000 km/h) fast that people quickly grasp all the incident happened (such as ants, mosquitoes bite …); Heaven is through elected heat – steam – light, which take care of all phenomena in the universe and the earth.

2) – The fundamental rule of God – Land:

Heaven, (God) take care and administration aspects of the universe by the fundamental rule (rule 2): the yin and yang, the five elements and five ties God – Human (relationship Thien Nhan said the next section clearly).

yin yang reaching exceedingly thorough in all aspects of life in the Universe and everything, from the simplest natural phenomena such as the air interface – air – light between the Sun, Earth, gender relations to maintain species and creatures of the operation of the circuit currents, lightning, the attraction between the stars … and the complex problems of society – political – economic and to the practice of religion in … Mastering the rule, well-organized relationships exist, the development, the rule wrong, depending on the extent to which the wicked, destruction.

In our solar system: Yang sun emits high temperature (5.500 degrees) and strong light: temperature, light blend together powerful rapidly (300,000 km/sec), creating great power. Besides solar axial rotation, manure yang electrode south, north yin. Electricity generated was spread around. Heat – scattered light emitting gravitational and magnetic power lines that make up a mixture of – optical – powerful heat spread out around the power supply for the whole solar system.

Recently researchers Ion technology applications medicate said: "bring the mouse to the environment there is plenty of oxygen… but not The Ion Power will die, and the light is was from the sun". It's magical spirit of the Creator.

- Earth (yin) strong absorption mixes magnetic – optical – heat that surrounded.

- on the other hand, Earth yin chemical reaction transfer carbonic dioxide into the oxygen  injection to provide make a living in the Earth's crust (as analyzed before). Mixes magnetic  – optical – heat mingles with oxygen, water vapor.  Mixtures new: Ion Power – optical – thermal – hydraulic – gas, is a source of life and take care of people and things.

People have a unified body, any activity that seemed both a direct line. But not is remote controls!. All the signals emanating from the brain controls the body's activities are indirectly remotely, via the spinal cord and nervous system.

Example: To move a finger, toes, not from the brain using mechanical forces to control directly, which signals the brain through the spinal cord and nerves that controls hand feet are done instantly, limbs away away the brain,  but the mosquitoes, ants bite is it reported about quickly, without having any moment. we detected immediately.

Material scientists created the device control objects remotely control electrical power was indirectly (through elected heat – gas), but its great strength is faster all the direct mechanical force transmission.

The human body absorbs electricity mix – heat – light on the reaction turned black blood into red blood and the heat generated in the lungs, the peace of the universe into of blood, so it gas thermal conductivity around the body to feed .

Oxygen and blood mixed in together is understandable, but how the heat generated?

"Material is not self-generated and do not automatically lose …" So how heat generated?

Air and blood can not operate fast, while Heat that we inhale is blended thermal with light at high velocities (300,000 km/sec); Lung function was split large heat source – the light was out.

heat: "Animal advocacy is quickly lower the temperature," temperature light blend together with high temperature, when the lungs separated from each other (the movement is hindered) instantaneous heat generated large energy, strong exothermic fast the not burn cord, as while we spend large resistor wire to make it not so strong exothermic so. Mean reaction not generate heat, but that makes condensation,  promoting power temperature of the Universe.

Heat source was mixed with blood and gas transport blood throughout the body people the animal (yin physical part of the body), as our bodies are 37 degrees everywhere. Therefore, we can say the heart is the center of physical life.

Partial heat – air moving up over the cortex surrounding blood vessels outside the brain, and within the brain there is no heat – cerebral always cold.

3) – The spirit of biochemical created:

The spirit can only in a specific animal (human or things) and not possible in vacuum.

Mental self-generated not? Self lose not?

Law of conservation of energy Lomonoxop: "Matter is not self-generated, not lost, but only moved from this state to another state." And the spirit? Law is true both in the field of theology".


Yijing also said: “extremes – Organic born – Two pole”, born is variable, does not mean  from not but have. So not only material but spirit  is not self generated and do not lose, only variations from this state to this state other

Human and living things exist in the spirit underlying network in the sky: Ion Power – optical – solar thermal (contain the spirit of the Universe), and the absorption of all mixed: magnetic – optical – heat not only create material life – but it also enabler feel operating all the biochemical. That is the spirit created for people and things.

Therefore, we assert that the spirit of man and the universe are one inseparable unit with the spirit of God, of which Yijing also said: "God and the people compatible" (129D).

But the human spirit is also relatively independent: biochemical activities body, mind control activities usually manage by ourselves, but for the big issues is crucial as in building the business premises are  take care of God; so that the rich, are tied to the name God create. (please refer to God's way where the link: watch-ten-indian /), which is the main cause of creating the blessed, accident being different for each person.

Blood have the heart-centered, neurologic: have brain the central control; system yin and yang are two operational parallel conditioning of the body.

So: If material is not self-generated and lost, the spirit same is not self-generated and lost, but only transformed from one form to another job, the birth of the spirit as mentioned above, but it has will not disappear demonstrated below.

heat – steam – operating in vote blood gas (have heat) is the (original) air of heaven, so also creates a spiritual component in it, but transport blood under mechanical force, not light no power is greater; spirit in the sky Heat – gas was only generate emotions, desires lower, slower metabolism, spirit (that can chickened) cardiac is management psychological life of man,  the operation was also subject to the general management of the spirit crystallized in the brain.

The brain is divided into several regions with distinct functions:

Central brain focused largely magnetic – ray of sun makes it possible magic of the spirit, not only is the management and administration of body, but it is especially important to create knowledge, thinking abilities, consider deeply handle things in life, it called to mind.

In addition to humans and animals, the plants, absorption magnetic – heat – steam – light for survival and development, spirit controls for body the adaptive the condition of the environment, as tree photosynthesis heat – light, tree root development has its place, water …

Yijing said: "each  yin and yang is Extremes, are contained yin yang" (44D), spirit is born two poles is soul and can chickened.

In addition to focusing on the brain central to a comprehensive common operating all aspects of the human being; it also divides the brain into functional areas including: respiration, circulation, digestion, or the area feel : auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile …

(as the gods care phenomena operating on Heaven Universe, or the minister in the court so). Chickened can also follow marrow and nervous system infrastructure spread to take care of all the biochemical activities of life such,  as is local authorities.

Yijing said: "Yin yang but two which one, but one that the two"; soul and chickened: also is two which one, one which two. Two systems tightly together; while soul crystallize in the central brain the commanding general; chickened neighboring zones control all brain function control, the biochemical activities of humans. Heart: where crystallization of the psychological feelings, desires of people, (it is also to crystallize of chickened); on the other chickened had scattered down the all activities of the human body from birth until death.

- When I sleep Soul Vacation; can only stay chickened: operations  the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, assimilation, catabolism … (active in the unconscious).

- When I can sleep position can only stay chickened operations of the respiratory, digestive, circulatory, assimilation, catabolism … (active in the unconscious).

- When wake both sides form a close relationship with the other, also had a number of independent activities, 3 expression:

+ The operation of the unconscious as digestion, circulation, assimilation, catabolism … chickened can exist independently.

+ Some items just can independently regulate both: As defecation or respiration is natural, and it is also possible to regulate when necessary. The psychological feelings, desires, passions can be derived from chickened out, but must be able to stick the new location in the morning.

+ Some aspects closely linked with each other, just able Soul touch, as the feeling due to chickened management,  but through our Soul knows.

Example: The feel of the five senses, feel the weather, climate is only when we are awake.

The judge thought decide all activities, activity is sticking between the two sides.

Train to the psychological, emotional, rational harmony together is the most important thing in life, it is one of the important contents of Repair Practice .

Five practical rules attached to people and things in heaven and earth

Besides the two basic rules are the five elements of yin and yang, every person and animal life on Earth was under 5 God's relationship is:

- The fate of God given.

- God way and personality (by name).

- Orientation housing (there is a separate program).

- Age spouses (there is a separate program).

- Bill of results (there is a separate program).

- Causal laws.

(see the post where God's way links:

For further analysis we study some problems that humanity no longer vague awareness:

a/- Have ghosts or not?

Spirit in every human being has two parts: soul crystallizing be central in the brain; chickened live in cardiac operations management body material.

People dead are usually two parts without destroying a turn, by soul and chickened separated, chickened out that no soul lead the way, not recognize any knowledge to the left, become unconscious, around the old place, sometimes hidden ambiguities which show called "ghost".

Newcomers death: are was "live in peace" have both spirit and body, now lost everything, chickened around where the grave, decomposed body, back to the home, Friendly people there but not to reveal feelings, no one paid attention to; physical lust is not eating, they feel play with incredible suffering; even cases chickened people dead, borrowing determine who live to reveal the wishes, aspirations that many witnesses.

After 49 days, were  monks chickened invite the dead to near the temple this time smell smoke, hear the bell gong, scriptures, gradually ease the pain suffering, then they can reincarnation any time.

In every human being, the spirit yang, yin body, chickened of the spirit yang how "ghost" is called yin?

Yijing said: "Each yin and yang is extremes: born two poles"

In the body, the spirit of yang, yin body, each side is divided into yin and yang new are:

- The body is yin: In which morale (yang) crystallized to the brain, so the brain is the body of yang (yang in yin).

- Morale share: soul yang, yin chickened.

Speaking yin scene implies dead just chickened yin; no soul yang, yin said does not make sense is an other realms, which is the yin chickened dim flyaway within which we live.

It is known horizontal die, die young, death date coincides, they dark, refused to the temple, that hangs around the grave, old houses, some on uninhabited homes, tall trees, deep ponds, This number easily become "the ghost", slower reincarnation. by:

As mentioned above chickened (yin)  and soul (yang) yang are two sides of the spirit in the body, the harmony of yin and yang make people prosper, virtuous, People of faith is the reconciliation between the two systems that yin and yang. In other words Germany is due to the yin yang harmony between soul and can be chickened born, who have repair Practice: deep faith to obtain the harmony soul chickened, the usually serene, self at the moment. The repair practice lack harmony of two sided people will soot u passion, anxiety, misery. Elderly people experience their lives have soul lead lines, no longer enthusiasts material life, upon death the part morale can be in stabilize their position, while the people greedy selfish or who have not experienced or short lived, especially suicide may chickened heavy soot u should chickened dim flyaway.

Part yin also divided many hierarchical that dwells stars of different high and low status, hierarchical higher seated oratories: church, the temple, shrines, tomb, or temple, some chickened low dwell in the lower as tall trees, deep pond … people chickened heavy soot u slow down reincarnation and often disturb the life.

With shrines to pray skirt has sometimes fulfilled, has sometimes not; but if harass or infringe upon the place shall, depending on the level is harm.

b/- The rebirth (reincarnation):

Theory religions define people have soul and the soul after death reincarnation are. But no clear evidence.

There are many cases where regeneration has recounted the old life that we tested quite right.

Whiles is not officially recognized, but it is a truism proven human reincarnation. Why can still remember "previous lives" of his, but the vast majority are not?

Have the theory explained before of reincarnation eating by eating porridge by lú so forgot.

One other theory says that going "over the river bridge Nai Ha, river Vong Xuyên drink soup" Forgotten " so forgot." On this planet of course no scene! It located? Certainly no one answer.

On the other hand, before reincarnation the soul and chickened only 2 gas, no body then why can eat anything? The statement was vague illusion, not true; as to donate celebrate death have eaten one piece of nothing?

Here it is explained as follows:

"All the objects are not born, does not go away"; Each person has two sides: body and the spirit as well not lost; body generated by earth, when death becomes land. Spirit also two parts is soul and chickened: Soud born by Ion power – light of Sun, return Sun. (soul escaping from the body it under, it according to circuit power in the ground – released into the air, Sun collected "Profile" stored on the Upper World). chickened sinh ra by steam – gas of land and một phần heat của Mặt Trời nên (phất phơ) nơi mặt đất, (nó cũng cùng Thiên số với thể trí). Chickened born by steam – gas of land and partial heat of the Sun should flyaway where the ground, (it is also the destiny of soul).

When the mind reincarnation and body be integrated into, theo tần số thí thích hợp nhau chickened is playing now that there is integration of mind, suddenly receives a body with common sense things around, startled cry baby is also at its forget everything before it, no eating porridge lú, or soup "Forgotten" all.

Thanks soul remains part the old knowledge, the regeneration it handed make the generation born after Knowledge is always high than the previous generation, That is the cause of human evolution.

Also cases of deaths due to accidents in the central brain (where crystallization both soul chickened  reunification operating all aspects of the body) as both egress a turn, people forever remember his past, when reincarnation have reconciled available, not to undergo fluctuations due to the reaction coordinate should remember the past life (in this case very few, so little people remember past lives yourself).

Especially handy cultivator expand the wisdom, soul closely associated  totally with chickened strong harmony that makes people permanently recalled his past forever, and it is very rare people reached.

But that is the ultimate goal to reach of the cultivator

A further question is the human reincarnation, then why population developer? It is explained as follows:

Parallel with reincarnation, there is the reincarnation of the “new creation”, but in fact called create, but is agglomeration new: Each person is physically generated by yin yang the combination; body by steam – gas of Earth, crystallization of sperm (yang) and ovules (yin) of parents. Breathe the ion power – optical Heaven that  spirit for them.

Every human being born so, elected magnetic – optical – thermal – steam – gas operated in universe subtract a little, more and more people develop the atmosphere is decreasing, the knowledge of mankind had fallen at. Therefore reproductive planning, each couple being only 1 or 2 children is reasonably ensure survival both physically and mentally for humanity.

In addition to more than 9 billion people, there are other species as birds, mammals, plants, insects, fish, shrimp, algae, microorganisms and so on … also have the spirit, each spirit has its own frequency. Yijing said: "At the bar, respectively, at the same air bridge", with kind high and low tones of  that it have received the spirit spiritual wonders of Heaven on Earth to exist their life. "

c/- Law of cause and effect:

Yijing said: "According forever Ethics of Heaven (yang), all things live by them, ethics of land (yin) thick should contain is entitled to all objects" (49D).

magnetic wer – optical – thermal is blessings of God not only make sense initially, but it is always according to the same additional knowledge and shaping the law of causality to humans, we explain this phenomenon as follows:

Yijing also said: "Nothing has gone without return" (117D). In contrast, no object enter do not go out". In every person and of all things, when receiving in the body, after the absorbed, distill the essence,  what are the dregs emit; as eating, discharged by defecation urination; oxygen inhalation, the emissions dioxide, referred to as waste material.

Spirit also: magnetic – optical – thermal creating his spirit, after absorption, make operation of the spirit, it also handles waste residue, called Waste spirit.

When people breathe and everything mixes: magnetic – optical – thermal gas into the body until, it exhaust gases that come out under.

So not only exhaust carbon dioxide as people know; but it is a mixture of ion power – optical – thermal – hydraulic – emissions.

In addition to humans and animals; tree also absorption of steam, gas – feed to body, and Ion absorpt magnetic – optical, created spirit – control all of its biochemical activity. Of course, after absorption, it also discharged baits; power also discharged baits It also loss; all waste was mixed with the waste of human.

The depreciation was not lost, all of which are collected in blocks including emissions spirit.

The waste was natural receiver to recover the transformation of its for life:

All words – optical – heat into the ground. Circuit Power (yin) in the ground have an important function is to separate the mixture into two parts: steam – gas and magnetic – optical – waste heat.

- Materials Discharged the original is in the soil – land take back – biochemical providing back.

For example, the digestive waste be transformed into fertile soil provide for crops serve again for everything.

Emissions of carbon dioxide land take back converted into oxygen provide for ground – and in the ground.

- Magnetic – optical – waste heat (exhaust god) of a billion people and things (the original atmosphere of the sun is yang), sun also collected: As is the electrical circuit emits yang – yin collected.

gas emissions spirit follow yin power line in the earth moved to north canopy emits, spread out; Sun north yin attract the god of waste transformed into Magnetic – Optical – new heat provide back forming a closed loop ensure endless for life of the Solar System.

Thus the Magnetic – optical – heat contained spiritual also do not lose, that transform from one form to another as material.

Humans know invent the computer processing of data in a sophisticated way, the human body, the earth and the sun has "processors" are the magic million times that machine. With the daily human diet many things, breathing air, the body absorbing substances as the cost sharing "chorused the corresponding" distribution that nourish the body parts. Also on the Sun obtained magnetic – optical – Waste heat on in parallel with the become recovery magnetic – optical – heat new,  supply back for the people.

Solar System the more wonderful is part magnetic – optical – heat new that disseminate come back to earth, that according to the level of good people, bad people are different, be transferred in accordance with reciprocal in real life (not just a rebirth to a new life). On the other hand the majority, in life as many good deeds, evil has been handled  constitute "judgment" was given to the "warehouse" store.

When the dead: soul escape the body under power lines underground operation in earth that launched the air, sun readmission, according to the same frequency which aggregates the storage of old records, determine the their afterlife results.

d/- To merit for offspring:

Do people know their parents good or evil descendants are entitled blessed. But the transmission was wonderful how no one understood it.

Necessary to consider having children:

The yin-yang harmony between the father and Mother born child everyone knows.

In the body outside the brain and spinal cord, the essence of God the earth was crystallized sperm man and the female ovum. In particular, the ovule is the crystallization of the air – blood (yin), sperm the crystallization of optical – power (yang).

The yin yang harmony between the father and mother of the child to form the shape as above, but at this stage no spiritual formation for children, ie Parents: do not create the spirit; by fetal not a new people, a new fetal body shape (yin), no spirit (yang), it is just a part of the mother’s body; it’s live on the mother’s placenta.

Every person is born with a spirit of its own, as the supreme god of creation and management and blessings according to the number of each person, even after death the soul and chickened of parents have their own frequency . So the moral parent to child how?

In every human being, all thought to make by spirit yang initiated.

From thought to action is a process in which the action is derived from a definitive decision, the good and evil represents the most bold of spirit.

spirit that controlled the action, on the other hand it also transmission to each material element of the body makes the changes synchronized block in human material, the blessed, accidents (gentle people or evil people are  showing up (countenance) that we see, predictability), This issue also clarify: medicine said that in piggery,  eat meat pigs the slaughter after toxic, heavy karma than you eat meat pigs the slaughter before, because the meat before screaming in pain, the screaming do all stables panic, hatred rising up against, makes the pigs slaughter after infected flesh full of resentment.

Children born is a result of the crystal and the ovum of the father, the mother, morality the good,  bad of parent create some unique elements good,  bad to the fetus.

Yijing said: “the corresponding bar, and gas is relatively bridge” (115D), when children are born brings the qualities of the parents give, it can only be located chickened respectively relatively new gas it needs; means the soul and chickened of people virtue high or low past lives are will integrate into right with the same qualities that fetuses have.

We can visualize the 3 different computers: 1 machine contain floors of soul, 1 machine contain floors of chickened, Tuesday contain the qualities of the fetus, three inter-connected circuits together, on the same floor, to the fateful moment all three together, "chorused the corresponding" child is born, the first breath inhaled "the relative air bridge contract" with the integration makes all 3 together properly in years, months, date, time of birth of it. That is the potential morality of the Parents being given to children.

Therefore: the merit, accidents of every human being is made up of three basic elements:

- The results that you get from the created past life.

-  Ethical parents leaving.

- the good, the bad that each people created previous within the reality of life.

blessed, accident under the law of causality tied together follow human lifetime throughout. So make up what's good for the good results is paramount.

Thus, parallel the destiny God, we is also possible to adjust fortune by in real life results right now, it is extremely important that every person should have realized (see the next section). Therefore each person should always Repair Practice regularly in order to not only well for the next life, or virtue give offspring; but also to strengthen or improve themselves for good current.

On the other hand must be understood deeply that good and bad deeds in the present life only improved partially and not completely change the fundamental theorem, so have when people good, but accidents should not disturb, by contrast need to cultivate deeper.

Between parents and offspring is not only the initial contact as above, but the good  bad jobs after of parents also influence each other, because the "processor" the results turned into blessings, accident,  God ruled down, parents received the majority of, the rest is the offspring bring qualities also the same as parents, with the "brass corresponding" well received.

Every moment people breathe magnetic – optical – thermal in body is voluntarily place themselves in the management of the sublime; even the thought in mind only (not shown up words or actions) is God, God is thorough, by thoughts of mental activity, which is the management of Heaven); Although the deities away, but very close, every thought of the people, Deities are quickly recognizable.

The operator gods for nature by the coordination between mental magic (yang), with all subjects (yin) (spirit control force to create the transformation of matter), do not from not create what has, as somebody misconstrue.

God give blessing, punish by two things:

+ The human body: When we eat, stomach function crushed, but the distribution what to feed is follow regulated a natural way according of law   without the direct command of the brain.

+ In Heaven and earth: God operating universe according to natural law, give blessing or punishment of God is so gentle also the same so.

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