Science has known the gravity of the Moon, Earth created huge stream of water, but does not sufficiently explain the causes, based phenomenon based daily on earth have (two tidal water) Have scientists explained:

Moon suck the material volume of the Earth, Earth create two high side plus 5 cm, water attracts both sides, create every day and night (land have two tidal water).

Explain that not true, not by the stellar attractive elements of the material, evidence that the weight of all that Earth does not depend on Moon at the time near or far.

That which is due attractive of Power yin yang, an impact on the entire block, not impact material specific elements.


If get a straight line through center that divides Earth, Moon; will have two parts: half yin,  half yang. It is a condition of gravity  the whole block together.

  Gravity full focus strong in shaft. The axis sensor Absorb objects towards it  effect is created: the path of the Moon near the axis where the large water (including the opposite side of Moon  Earth and rear). Location away less water.

So every day a position two countries large water, less water. Axis induction between Moon, Earth create tides; Axis induction between Mun, Earth create gravity everything on Earth as follows:

Yijing says: "Yang and Yin  noun is not absolute, only the absolute extremes. " .

For example: The Battery Power K. With electrodes A Yang, Yin B. On 2 wires is the bulb M, N.


Considering we have:

Two link power (A) yang, (B) yin of Battery is fixed,   on network MN is  yin yang is only relative, it changes as follows:

With  bulbs the M:

+ AM yang,

+ MN  yin.

With bulbs the N:

+ NB yin,

+ MN yang.

Compared with 2 bulbs

MN have change:

With bulbs the M: + MN yin.

With bulbs the N: + MN yang.

In this universe relative yin and yang such. In solar system between the Sun, Earth, Moon is:

+ Sun in between (proton: yang) issued powerful energies provide for the solar system: yang south, yin is the absolute north.

+ And Earth (electron: yin) orbiting absorbed power source the Sun that everything biochemical.

With the Moon, the Earth in (proton) yang in the middle energy transfer from the Sun, for Moon Moon (electron) yin revolves  Earth  around the absorption  that the power source  that biochemistry.


+ Compare the Sun: Sun yang, yin Earth.

+ Compare Moon: the Moon yin, yang Earth.

By The change yin yang position was that the induction  to Sun, Moon create the different phenomena on Earth the following:

Yijing says: "Collected is in (yin), Issued is out (yang)".

Between the Sun – Earth is:

Sun yang (Proton) in the middle Issued outside; Earth yin (electrons) obtained in.


+ On the center shaft Sun, Earth:

 Strong focus on Middle Earth (see Figure 10a), powerful force that attracts everything in everywhere, but with force sensors Sun sucked into stronger more; so everything just gathering Earth in the middle.

That is the basic reason for Earth have the attractive objects to  inside.

Axis Sensor Earth Moon:

Between the Moon – Earth is  the Moon Yin have obtained the energy – Earth yang forces spread out in the middle.

Let A, B is the intersection  between the Earth crust with shaft  between the Earth and Moon, called axial induction (also known as axial flow hydro). The attractiveness concentrated in two points A, B's, everything about it sucked (see picture above).

However, due to the gravity of the Sun (suck in) stronger – so axis water flow gathered only liquid, not concentrated solid objects to be moved,  and by the way 's appeal attractive such that the Moon does not affect  weight of all subjects when Moon he passed.

Only when objects operating within the perimeter  Induction of this axis, such information on the spring equinox, Autumn equinox: at the equator, or point summer solstice in To line the northern; or point winter solstice in To line the southern; of 30, 1 and 15, 16 yin calendar (close to Earth's Moon), the Moon passing moment,  objects that fall into; operation of the shaft circumference, it will totally lose weight liver during short  as in the case with the crew to the airport slow was 8 minutes; heir watches Such delays also.

Such delays that they do not know  what causes the.  This was explained as follows:

Due to the perimeter plane of axial induction between Earth with Moon  makes it lose weight, the fuel do not press down on the bottom of gas tank to move into the engine room, aircraft engine should stop operation, due to the gravitational pull of the Moon  equilibrium with the gravity of the Earth should stand still hovering aircraft, do not fall down, all objects operated by electrical are perturbed, electronic clock stops (See diagram).


The reason why the passing Moon  plane is due to start automatically:

by power stops working at the time of fuel finely sprayed in the engine room still, switch is open.

So when out just outside the ring plane induction generator power back combustion of fuel surplus that makes the engine Flights resumed; then fuel also had weight  press down on the bottom of barrel  promptly transferred to the engine room, for continuous engine operation. 

Aircraft discontinued operations 8 minutes, Moon speeds 3425.3818 km / h, we calculate the shaft diameter flowing:

Thuyluu aircraft can go right through the middle axis induction, sometimes not right, thus flowing shaft diameter may be equal to or

larger in size (> 457km). And planes can fly in the same direction, reverse or horizontal flight the operation of the moon  therefore temporarily diameter shaft sensor » 457 km.


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