Events united states cold -53 degrees, 47 degrees hot india

America has gone through 2013-2014 winter-spring frost, "January 9 all 50 US states are cold below 0 , at Comertown, Montana USA record low temperatures down to -53 ° C (colder Antarctica), "an unprecedented in history.


           The landscape around the waterfall Niagar                           Parliament Building US in snow white

The strange thing: Everybody knows the Arctic and Antarctic lack of sunlight very cold, everywhere comparison, the United States in Central America between Canada and Mexico )  Solar with  them no less compare two This country and the Antarctic colder but how The scientists know what ?


Events all 50 states in the US are frozen below 0 degrees , there are places where cold negative 53 degrees (colder than the South Pole ) once again confirmed that there is no warming the earth and also not  have  " The greenhouse effect

or loss of ozone "

And this summer: "From day 11-6 Indian capital New Delhi over a week undergoing constant heat above 45 C to 47 C ", which is also unprecedented in history.


Events affirms without the "warming" because the Earth heating why winter cold in recent years than before?

In fact planetary climate changes follow two opposite directions:

- Atmospheric warming up, everyone knows.

- Inside the cold ground, as evidenced by the recent winter cold over the years as mentioned above, even in the midst of the summer that the ice water.

Law profound universe, not all phenomena are verifiable through headphones and seen, but not so that inference arbitrary. Each thesis must have a certificate giving solid reasons.

1 / – Atmospheric warming :

- With warmer atmospheric scientists say that industrial emissions cause "greenhouse", "Ozone hole" is a misconception. That is the cause of the failure of the UN environmental conference, from Kyoto to Copenhagen, Mexico, to cop 17,18 are not giving way to renovate, but climate change is increasingly heavier.

Oxygen in the atmosphere are not endless; more than 9 billion people the planet xoxy consumption, animal husbandry, and transportation industries also consume oxygen deficient atmosphere as serious.

Consumption of oxygen while felling deforestation; trees have an important role as carbon dioxide into the ground biochemical switch provides back (see all trees and this web site), felled trees carbon dioxide is no longer sufficient to compensate ground biochemical do as hypoxic atmosphere worse.

Oxygen is a gas welding of Earth, Atmospheric hypoxia insufficient partnership with Solar heat makes atmospheric temperature rise; That is the main cause of climate change today.

Chemical reactions produce heat, the truth is: The chemical reaction heat buildup (see more absorption law and energy metabolism with this web page), reactive oxygen metabolism also generates carbon dioxide into heat inside land (like reactive black blood into red blood moving to 37 o  in the human body so).

The deforestation felling trees is not enough to collect the amount of carbon dioxide into the ground reaction heat generated as the ground is increasingly colder.

Chemical reaction heat in the ground is lava (follow the moon) carry gas and heat generated in the ground, Surrounded oil, to restraining the heat (like fat Thermostats for animal and human body so), the excessive exploitation of oil (per day mining more than 30 million barrels) of oil depletion makes insufficient coverage, strong radiating heat from the lava has just increased the heat outside places incidents, and the contributing extra cold winter; That is the reason why winter cold in recent years than before.

What is profound: Energy solar thermal and gas in the ground uneven distribution over the planet: While in Asia, especially Western South Vietnamese, air warm water cool, evergreen tree fruit , then many other places such as Europe, America, North Asia … energy provided less so the cold winter, the sky full of snow; summer sunny equatorial countries fierce heat.
The difference is natural that from time immemorial, but all are not gap too big as today,  everywhere was warmer Arctic, Antarctica. USA colder now Antarctica is something unprecedented in human history; that determine the human impact, but mankind no one has the idea.

Everyone knows that the Arctic and Antarctic lack sunlight cold more. The US is the Central American country (in between Canada and Mexico), solar with them no less than 2 this place and Antarctica; but they are cooler more reason?

The industries along with other oxygen consumption and deforestation felling creating climate change; but it is also a major cause for the United States have a sudden cold last winter.

The industry is the major cause two phenomena generate conflicting climate: summer temperatures high, winter low temperature record in recent years, as the US typically cold -55 o , India Hot 47 o recently.  

According to the law of absorption and energy metabolism (and this website) the "move materials absorb the sun's energy.

Country USA is the most powerful industrialized, winter here get less energy, which absorb heat much machinery it all, making the air temperature drops more than. Compared to Antarctica receives less solar heat, but it stays keep stable, while the United States received more, but that energy machines, they collect both so cold over Antarctica.

When being cold all families heaters, electric heaters, which power was also due to collect solar energy transfer to (see also The Law of absorption and energy metabolism), we can say each fireplace are contributing 1 part makes the air colder outside.

That is the root cause of the surge of US cold as above.

3 / – Measures to adjust :

Understand why of course we will renovate it.

The problem today is: It is necessary to lower the temperature (not just control but before this is not done)

a / – Lower the temperature of the atmosphere:

- The problem is to lower the atmospheric temperature, not to reduce emissions, but to cut consumption of oxygen:control population growth, restrict livestock, restrict oil and gas extraction, ending cut tree deforestation and fisheries. Planning industrial activities, transportation and integrated approach, based on creating alternative energy (see also the article: Livestock, Felling trees deforestation, Mining Oil, Fishing ). Eliminates the notion of bioenergy use, because it also consumes oxygen causing climate change, but also occupy farmland affect food security.
- Use of the electrical energy is most available, there are 4 types of electrical energy: thermal power, hydropower, photovoltaic, wind power.
Thermal power: Harmful clearly not usable anymore.
+ Hydroelectric not cause climate change, but build dams alter soil geography caused by natural disasters, as the Three Gorges Dam in China is a good example; so please do not develop this energy.
The remaining two types of energy available as photovoltaic and wind power.

+ Wind Power:

All Nations depending on the condition that construction of wind power stations serve neighborhoods.

+ Photovoltaics:

Besides the development of each Country, the most important is the need develop photovoltaic projects large-scale common to humanity, place the Libyan and Sahara, desert two exploited properly will suffice for global, it can not be 1, 2 Which country do yourself, but to have international cooperation programs and the closely held; but the current does not have an organization capable of doing it.

b / – Overcoming the local cold winter:

Fix chill as in the United States, the basic is regulate the activities of the industry on the basis of production must ensure by means of synchronization, there is global organization reunification, but the UN does no agency has responsibility and ability did.

Therefore to "convert climate" must first reform the UN right to rule the universe: with competence, ability and reputation operating in all aspects.

Our program is based on the laws of heaven and earth wisdom would advise to do so.

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