To renovate globe Program Using Yijing interpretation the laws of the universe problem  impact on human life (both natural and social), what nobody had ever done, This new one out causing sudden many people; to reduce the likelihood that the surprise, shortfalls in the readers study, I quote (cited in fragments) article by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Lan Dung entitled " spring Read the Yijing". Current knowledge published No. 80, dated 15-3-1992 that the HCMC Publisher substituted preface edition book  Learning Learn Yijing of  Thu Giang Nguyen Duy Need of the same year:

"Been a few days holiday Year new  I sat reading avidly Yijing book HCMC from publisher new edition (1991). Reading is not always understood, back read back, just a little more, but as read increasingly admired the ancients, admiration eastern philosophy, admirable erudition translator's unique Ngo Tat (1894-1954).
Turns out, recent we re too drunk intoxicated with Western philosophy; little attention to eastern philosophy. Meanwhile, though often less educated people, little knowledge but most believe and follow the teachings of many saints, sages Eastern …

Not without reason as Boi Chau Phan regarded Yijing  "is worldview, world of humanity" …

The tremendous volatility  Europe's recent – of an extraordinary flourishing of many Asian countries, not may not  much attention to Eastern philosophy. Asian Civilisation become attractive themes for Researchers of so many different countries …. Development model of Japan * and the four Asian dragons be regarded as the driving force of the Confucian spirit.

Yijing have a long So far no one or, by the kings of Fu Xi (希復) legend has Yijing begun …  the sage have additional explanations, expand, deepen to the Yijing become one book, the profound,  wonders; just immense, specific, cover all reasonable, no nothing no. Read more is better, or read less temporarily be; because only a few things well enough to make a morality ….

The ancients said that "Between Heaven and land what have? Yin yang, only two words … ". In human activity  yin yang fluctuate but still create a balance … adjusted body, if not born sick.

The more I read Yijing I find it impossible to read a hurry, as novel.
Slowly read each paragraph quiet at heart, serene the new morality. Confucius said that to "learn Yijing" (and not "read Yijing").

I wish every person – daily:  Read the Book Yijing Objectively,listen to the ancients that reflect about today, listen charity to avoid evil, listen to what virtue, hearing things benevolence, that make things sense.