Causal law

Cause and Effect according to the Han means seed and fruit. Here we should understand the causal meaning is action and the result of action.

Our evil actions are Cause evil, is consequences of suffering. On the contrary, good deeds will bring happiness to us.

(From the book "Moral Human Being. That definition is clear, but the latter part of the book says it is not standard.

In society there are many different perspectives on Cause and Effect :

- The book " Moral Human " says that: Because of the action we do, we must take responsibility for that action, so called the law. There is no Creator here, God, or any human being who makes this law of causality, to force us to do so.

- There is a tendency not to believe in the Law of Cause and Effect,  "There is no destiny, cause and effect".

- Other tendencies say: "Create Cause  good people will have good results,  no heaven and earth!

- There is another tendency to say: "Create good cause will have good results, there is no Heaven and Earth!"

Not so! Laws are to have regulations clear to coordination,  just like every human being born – to die out of the four stages  "Success, prosperity, failure, cancel" (成盛衰毀); the process exists have activities The metabolism of the body from eating, breathing the air and liberating the same, it must be from a tall ego: "the Creator" created. From kernel to fruit is not as simple as math: 1 + 2 = 3,From the nucleus to the fruit is through a miraculous cycle of Heaven and Earth according to the principle of physical, chemical, biological activity. To get a clear insight into the details we have:

a) – Relationship Heavenly :

Heaven control over human beings through the two factors are Fate and Opportunity (opportunity see the article Thien - Personality  in this website). This is only about fate:

- Fate:  Some people talk about fate, but why call it? no one ever explained. Every human being is named in the world, so every country is like that. The world can not name all, but 9 billion people use 9 billion numbers, the other animals too; When judging a problem for someone just point to that number.

b) – Closed Circuit between Heaven and Earth:

Scientists have known that the earth is electrically charged by the phenomenon of positive cloud caves that cause lightning, thereby identifying the Earth with negative electricity; Where does the electric noise come from and what does it have to do with the survival, biochemical activation of people and things? There is no concept. (See the Law of Absorption and Energy Conversion in the website. Here is a summary: "The southern solar system emits electrical energy, the Southern Earth absorbs the sunlight that transports it to the northern Ocean, the Northern Sun absorbs it, This creates a closed circuit, which is why the Earth has electricity.

c) – Leaves fall to the source of water:

The law of energy conservation says: "Matter in the universe does not spontaneously generate itself, it does not lose itself, it moves from state to state." Everything human material and everything to collect for the body's biochemistry are discharged, such as eating pepper, drinking urine, inhaling oxygen into carbon dioxide emissions, the same spirit, people and objects and photosynthesis of the face Heaven creates the spirit, after the operation also discharge waste god. For the waste to be converted back to protozoa, whichever is returned. The human spirit, which is received by the Sun, returns to the Sun when it is released.

Every act of man and things is driven by spirit, the spirit that runs the operation is also discharged, and the "waste god" by the cycle of the flow of Heaven and Earth that up. The electric circuit of Heaven and Earth is positive, the emission is negative, the "negative external", "the discharged god" is in the order of the Sun and the Earth (see also the Law of Absorption and Energy Conversion) Whosoever is put in their number in the world, every good or bad person is sent back to the world with the good or bad results they receive; Yes, like the natural biochemistry of our body, there is no one to monitor the coordination.

e) – Opening the Heavenly Earth, creating the life of Saint Duc Long Hoa Flowers *

Prostrate Nguyen Binh Khiem has 2 sentences:

Ma king of the demon (there will be escort in another occasion).

Prince of Heaven (as below)

After making great achievements: "the great demons" is the break to move Thien, by a wise man accidentally disclose, the ghosts started to secretly (more than 3 years) carefully prepared plans and forces with unparalleled strength; more than 3 months focused 10 "magician" earthly good (used his powers celestial ghost), and 10 parts minus seasoned Nhut (which is the master amulet adept at delivery of money), launched cast for the celestial ghost with nh â n This is a normal person who does not know anything about the spell. It seems to crush the opponent down with no way to prevent it, but he is still calm, while his forces are defeated. paralyzed, finally the leader (demon king) must hand, and also suffer the same fate to defeat, so know the magic of heaven; The great thing here is that beside the tragic defeat of one man, the face of the great one breaks the laws of nature, reverses the law of cause and effect, examines the moral people, the spiritual practitioners The ghost has been revealed. On the first day of the first lunar month (the first day of the first lunar month of the first lunar month), the Ch'an Master had arrested all the celestial beings in Paradise, giving back the justice of mankind. Nguyen Binh Khiem has the phrase "The dog meets the master needs to bark".

Destruction of the phoenix is ​​the beginning of a new era in which Chi said: "Unleashing the Heavenly Earth", establishing the virtue, exploiting Long flowers for humanity.


With the consent of God and Buddha Tathagata, we post this article. Everyone put faith, actively train morality, spiritual practice to enjoy all the good things new happiness.

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