Mexico’s failed climate change conference is inevitable

Habitat is seriously disturbed threatening the survival of mankind. The leaders of the countries repeatedly discuss solutions to rescue do not bring results. Because scientists have been wrong in assessing the situation. Say that global warming is one-sided, lacking in depth, planetary  evolves into two opposite directions:

- Atmosphere is hot, everyone knows.

- Inside the cold, proof that the winter in recent years is much colder than before.

- Current environmental degradation is not only due to climate change, but also have a deeper cause of the disturbance of the earth, and partly due to environmental pollution .

In the climate of climate change, there are two aspects: the consumption of oxygen and the emission of carbon dioxide. There are three carbon chain emissions:

Oil extraction – Oxygen burning – Carbon dioxide extraction (Oil extraction is the root of the root).

Left between oxygen and carbon dioxide, oxygen is the source of all life, carbon dioxide emissions are the tops of the tops. Get the tail to research is wrong. This is the cause of the failure of UN environmental conferences, especially the Copenhagen and Mexico conferences.

Environmental activists in Cancun, wearing their national flags, have stuck their heads in the sand to signify that countries are turning a blind eye to the effects of climate change.

Environmental activists in Cancun, wearing their national flags, wipe their heads in the sand to signify that countries are turning a blind eye to the effects of climate change.

The law of the deep universe, not all phenomena are verifiable with hearing ears, eyes see, but not so arbitrary inference. Each of the theses given must have solid evidence. Science introduces the concept of "greenhouse effect" or "perforation of the ozone layer" as no a logical inference, (see also Climate change with this website).

According to the law of energy conservation: matter in the universe does not spontaneously lose … oxygen is also matter, it is not infinite. Planet 9 billion people (the current number of new),

livestock the same breathable oxygen; industrial machinery, transportation, etc., while cutting down trees to prevent the capture of carbon dioxide into biochemical to seriously deplete the atmosphere.

In the solar hot solar universe, the oxygen of the earth is; The oxygen content in the cold atmosphere decreases, imbalance the yin and yang of the gas,  the atmosphere is warming up, so there is no "greenhouse effect" (see Climate Change). Talking about climate change causes all disasters to be untrue. Climate change only thaws; thinning the gas for life, making people weak. The atmospheric temperature rises if they are distributed everywhere, nothing happens, when the difference is new, and all the differences are from the ground.

In the soil the lava guide the heat and the air, feed all objects which also feeds humans and everything, and Oil gas are operated in the enclosure to control the heat, keeping the temperature of the ground. People exploited over-oil oil exhausted, gas not cover all.

- Places lacking oil, heat lava directly impact the Earth's crust to pro duce hot springs, some according to the cracks that erupted into volcanoes; volcanic ocean eruptions created "El nino" followed by "El nina" Severe harsh weather, variability large area.

- In those places where hot weather, temperature increase control the large area, push the cold air to the upper level, unable to link with steamrain create the  rain, causing drought, forest fires, desertification.

- Other places: As human body, the excess is released. The amount of water transported to other places causes heavy rain and many causes flooding.

- Dried oil also creates vast open spaces, cracks linked into big lands landslide colliding  together earthquakes.

- At the same time, tree felling is not enough to collect waste gas into the in the biochemical soil and oxygen as well as the internal heat reduces, the earth is getting colder.

On the other hand, lava volcanic eruptions are no longer sufficient to cover all areas cold ground, many places in the summer where water is ice … habitat on the left ground shrinking.

- On the ground, people overuse oxygen, while the sea stable, and overfishing, oxygen consumption decreases, creating gas imbalanced  between the sea floor and the ground.

Human beings if there is a difference in self, regulating body, and the earth is also living organism, with the difference of ecological environment of the earth also has the adjustment: sea air to compensate the atmosphere.

Normal wind blows at an angle of 20-25 degrees, when the it compensates for atmospheric spraying with an angle of 40-45 degrees to the water surface.

Fast moving, low pressure, low temperature. Wind from the sea floor blows up to create a low pressure area. it is usually combined with strong monsoon winds, chain reaction to strengthen them into storms.

The current environmental hardship is due to the imbalance of atmospheric oxygen and disturbance in the earth's. Cutting emissions alone can not improve the atmosphere, especially by cutting back on energy-efficient alternative hurting the economy

Restore the atmosphere and stabilize biochemicals in the ground with a variety of practical measures, the program must be synchronized in each country and global.

But the whole world is not really organized, it's a full-fledged agency to do that..                                                                            Read more: Climate change where link:

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