Repair Practice purpose

Situation activity of mental formely.

Repair Practice is improving oneself and visualizing  the supreme majesty being. Generally, all the religions also have the basic teachings good. They teach  human to venerate Dear God, and Buddhist thought, respect for spiritual values ​​in life. They preache the reformation  into correct  opinion morale, and correct the desires  for material excessive. They advise the believers to cultivate themselves and construct the generosity, and a good moral in human life.

But the forces of religious believers are dense, and the most are attending to the teachings cultivate good only, why there is in life, no one enlightened?

Because formaly, the humanity did not get a basic philosophy of life. (or rather of lack of awareness explaining the basic philosophy of life). Therefore all human activities, including Repair Practice are defective: All the religions advice the faithful Repair Practice, the ability in passing to Heaven, or Nirvana, or Planglai by God or by Buddha. But the religions could not explaine, if there are Heaven, or Nirvana, or Penglai, at anywhere. …

There are also some religions deny the Heaven, in the views, to enlighten their Repair Practice at living. When becoming a Buddha, they remain here to save the world life. This idea is more progress. But truly, does the vulgar person can become a Buddha ? Does the Success look like? Where is the Buddha in the world ?,  when they do not explain. This is a common weaker point of Repair practice.

We live in the Solar System(+), the Earth is the island of the human life (yin-), the Sun is the High Sky Angels (yang+). All the sublime magic is from there.

In the world's, people live on the surface of the Earth's crust, When the life in the sun happens into the global solar.

In the human body, cell body (yin-) and brain cells (yang+) are the two completely different types of substances, and can not be interchanged. In the relation of Heaven and Earth Humans, Men and God  not interchangeable too.  

The purpose of Repair Practice:

The skyland and earth are immense.  The  life is multicolored expression. As a whole, all things must move in developping the definitive rule of the Universe. The whole Universe has only one natural   (Extremes births yin and yang). God, Buddha Spirit is only one link (yang).  Yijing said: "Whether it's a little minor element does also contains the full of a whole as of the Universe "(44D). "Knowing one element is knowing the whole "(45D).  When we can rely on all aspects,  the organizational structure of the earth, We can understand God as the following:

Comparing with  the human body.                    

-The central brain as God , the common leader

- The every zones of the brain as Emperors general of management.

The land God forms  tightly an  organization structure of political society leaders the most complete.

God is as the king. The Spirits run each phenomenon of the Universe as  Ministers (yang), punishing, blessing the profanes. Buddha is representing people organizations (yin) like the social institutions  political complete.  

On the planet there are many religions. A typical is the three major religious:

1. Catholic: direction up toward God                 

2. Buddhism: – practicing the Buddhist  doctrine to target on saving humanity.

3. Muslim thinks with great favour of angels, the blessing to humanity.

To find the main road Repair – They can analyze from the Repair Practice of the three religions mentioned above,  as following:

In the above-mentioned three major religions gathered into two groups:

- Group 1: Consisting of Catholic (upward of God), Islam (based on the angel), Almighty is the leader of the whole  Universe by strict laws, with the potency universal of blessing and punishing the humanity.

- Group 2: Buddhist of Buddha who is compassionate, no power of blessing or punishing to  everyone; but with the immense virtue, the basic teachings and the possibility to create the wonderful   intellectual openning happiness to human.

Land and Heaven newly formed no Buddha, only God and the angel shared governance by strict laws. While on earth – people is God designated for human, the superior of all  the creatures. But in the process of evolution people have too many errors, increase heavier karma. Thus, God dispatched the angels down to integrate into the community  to advise. (Light ethical from the scriptures with the laws of the profound Universe could be opened from there).                              

When getting into the worldlife, the Angels gave up all power, and  integrate completly into the human condition. They preached the scriptures and  teached ethics. Untill,  completing theire mission, they returned to the above God. He is no longer the angel, but switched into the Buddha,  Shakyamuni,  Jesus,  Mohammet …

The biblical teachings of Buddha just above was also from the law of God. Here, we need to understand clearly. In the origin, God had the Law, but no Doctrine.  Only when Buddha came down, applying the new  God's law, to  teach Doctrine.

The Repair Practice  must be having the Doctrine to lead way. Therefore Repair Buddhist Practice is the true path.

Because Buddha, the representative’s people in Heaven had attended the matter world,  understood people, given  commandment doctrines.  Buddha illuminates power of wisdom, and creates the premise blessings.

As for the human evolution, they must fallow the point of view.

- Progressing from the lower to higher steps, through the progression of human civilization, everyone is clear. Below will present deeply.

- Evolution is transforming lives, to become the Supreme Beings. The life outside of the mundane existence is difficult; because, apart from the angel that  God sent down, when the Mission accomplished, they returned as mentioned above, and in the billions of believers religions how many of those who had been to heaven, nirvana, or realms angels? Not saying no, but just saying difficult.  By the future, billions of believers there may be 1 or 2 people elected to receive the mission of superiors, The ratio can thus,  makes the purpose of Repair Practice into fiction.

To let slip the Repair Practice upward god, or angel, they just analyzed  some shortcomings of religion,  considering the most suitable Buddhism.

In the teachings of Buddhism identified human suffering vicious circle by birth, aging, illness, dead. If they want to escape suffering, they must  to transcend the cycle of birth, aging, illness, dead.

Yijing said: "All things are through 4 stages: "the success, prosperity, decline, cancel" (60D), As the  4 seasons of year: spring, summer, autumn and winter, and during the day : morning, noon, afternoon, evening … That is the law of God. Birth, aging, sickness, Death are from the success, prosperity, decline, cancel of "God's law.  Repair Practice pass Perhaps God is not true.

To identify the problem I need to learn one step further:

What is God?… What are People ?

- God is the supreme being of angel administrating  the solar system.

As above mentioned on,  God is governing in the sun with strict laws of the intensity through the operation of electricity – optical – thermal.

In the Universe, above the system solar, there so many grade of suprem God governing.

- People is the God of the Universe lowest level.

Some explainations of  thoughts:

+ On the planet, the people of the highest morale can govern all creatures on earth. The animals from large to cattle, elephants, whales, or the most ferocious  

including tigers, leopards, lions, sharks in the sea … must also obey people. That is due to the higher people morale. That is the law of the Creator.

+ The shape of God, and angel is unlimit.    + The shape men: head, body, arms and legs.  

+ The shapes of animal are different clearly

+ Sino-Vietnamese dictionaries define: The Heaven is (God on), then the people realms is (God under).

With this sense, the people was born with a noble mission of God, governing a realm ruled. They can not be called suffering.

And here we have identified opinion: Birth, aging, sickness, Death is the well-being of humanity with the following meanings:

- Birth:  the Creator gives birth to men to govern  the rule-realm, that  is the happiness of human being,  not  as suffering.

- Aging: A human life has 3 things so happy is: family reunion, with fortune, longevity.  Advanced age has the descendants right draft, reverently, who take care. That is the happyness of man. Do not look  the   karmic tribulations to call collectively suffering.

- Disease: The persons before death with mild illnesses such as hot and cold, headache, weakness, have descendants to take enough care, with a bowl porridge, the pill, a glass of milk  showing the filial piety. The moribund could see all descendants, and speak the last word reminding, emotional with descendants before death. That is so happy.

- Death: Death is also happy, because there is Death,  there is new birth; Yijing said:  "What have head, must  have  tail.”. What have have birth,  must have death. But the tail is the head, and the Death are the birth (resurrection) (171D), "Death must have, new birth" (106D); While reincarnation people also carry the knowledge that their have been in a previous life rotatory the afterlife, make people as civilization advances. The human civilization today is a proof. If from the create of universe  to today, there is  no Death, no birth, humanity is not in progress ?

With a view Birth, aging, sickness, Death is suffering.  Practice for Repair is in order to go into heaven, no reincarnation. Many monks with many merits, profound virtue, but as mentioned above can hardly become a Buddha without metempsychosis where to go? Metempsychosis, Profound knowledge development contribute to the advancement of humanity it is a pity. Therefore not only  against but reverse, the deaths should soon reincarn, and be happy for themself and humanity.

In the universe, each man has its destinity due to the Godoffer . The birth and the death are defined. The natural death could enjoy its end. They could not escape from life by suicide, because they will meet the worst of misery, then they are still in life.

The facility of Repair Practice right way is the mindful visualize, Using authentic teachings of Buddha, they turn themselves into higher grade than the present life.

The Repair-practice means to transforme oneself, from the low-level to the high  degree.  To express in detail the notion of the problem, we divise the humanity into three grades:

- Lower caste:

The vast majority of human populations of every component, or class activities in every area, or sectors of society (in which this level can divide into the many smaller caste).

- Mid Tier: Including the wise excellence in every field social activities: science, economics, political science …as Thomas Edison, Galilee  or prominent politicians.

- Higher:

As the Saints Repair Practice reach enlightenment, they develop wisdom, Land Information, comprehend God – Earth, present and future, as Confucius, Not-tra-dam-mus, Nguyen Binh Khiem …

Therefore, the critical issue is to make people to comprehend the law of universe; The Religions must reunify into one, and determine the true path of Standard Repair Practice, and consistent with the arguments of Heaven and earth.

The ultimate goal of Repair Practice is consciousness enlightenment, enhance people to higher perfection of human life (as mentioned above). Simultalneously, they ought to make the physique excercises to  enhance health and longevity.

In the ancient country of Vietnam ,  Nguyen Binh Khiem has leave us a valuable lesson Repair Practice achievement was:

- The life expectancy is: The best man life must be 70 years old of marvel.

(the 70 years old of the ancient are rare) . At 400 years ago, Nguyen Binh Khiem  lived more than  92 years old. (during that time people did not live  more than 50 years old).

- On the expansion of wisdom , the prophecy Bạch Vân Thi Sấm of old Nguyễn Binh Khiem is  proved now.  Not only to presume the fact into the past, but also the fact of to-day and until the fact into the future. Nguyen Binh Khiem is worthy to worship. He is the saint in the world.

With this sense, the Repair Practice  of human has  2 the ultimate goals, such as: the Health promoting longevity and developing wisdom, and sitting by oneself for knowing everything in the world. This is  the conduct of every Saints in the World,

Practice Repair makes everybody to be   Saints which will transforme the Earth into Heaven in the World and they did not go to look for heaven any far away at all.

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