Talking about the economic structure – Society

Karl Mark philosophical concept Economic and Social Morphology.

In each  Economic and Social Morphology have a mode of production key inside it, govern it, to shape it.

In that mode of production the relationship between humans with nature, is a structural form special moves of nature, This theory contributes pave the way for the Economic Research.

Yijing said: "everything through four stages: Thanh Thinh, Failure, Destroy" (60D).

That is the law of natural development move everything. such as one date have morning, noon, afternoon, evening . A year have Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

Contact us in social each mode of production is one of four that stage.


The people is just born, carefree life of comfort, to just that there are some simple activities for their survival instinct, survival of the species: Starving the picking, yes is eat … no production

is not a stage in the evolution.

No production should not be called mode of production. Contact with Yijing is still in the house period extremes.


SUCCESS: THI mode of production Tribal:

The period of human development has been quite high, know that constitute the herds, Using simple tools, each other based on productive labor sustain life of a growing community, formed the first mode of production of human society. In this mode of production remaining resources of natural materials,

Production of virgin materials  does not have occupy separate.

Thinh: the time after – serfdom

people started mining land crops (turning resources into Production of Materials),

people began to occupy private land.

  The tribe also began wars caused wresting, land distribution.

Yijing said "Yijing have a extremes born  two poles" (born yin yang) (41D).

In the Universe, "There is no object donot a extremes". "Whether it's a small part element what to discrete also contains a full plenary as the great mass of the Universe "(44D).

This process the patriarch emerges leadership roles (yang) other members under the leadership of (yin). Stable finished territory their natural leader, gradually separated employees; initially only a slave prisoner serve patriarch, later they used power appropriation all the land, tribal members tribal members turn into slave. Mode of production Tribal clans turned into  mode of production serf naturally.

This period resources into large pieces   according to territory possessed by the slave owners. Tools crude production; embryo production level. Their products slaveholders management, redistribute slaves. This is the period that unity materials integrity management Production  (land) and labor highest concentration production in the history of mankind.

REFLECTION: Feudal mode of production.

In Feudal mode of production resources divided into small pieces, governing landowners, scale exploitation of natural resources is reduced significantly. Between people and resources

begun indirect way in production management,

landowners and land tenants separation:

Not all directly address labor, they only general land management and rent collection.

Labour individual production; dedication, enjoyment of the associated labor (by Subscriber policy: Land tenants Subscriber submit the paddy norms, their products)

CANCELLED: mode of Production (capitalist).

After the bourgeois revolution elimination of feudalism, land tenure of landlords gradually dismantled. Resources division, micromanaging every peasant family.

Owning a piece of land individual producers.

- Industry development, background productive completely separated from the resource. Machinery bridging.

- Production platform: Collective industry.

- Production materials and products: Bourgeois investors accounted for, workers enjoy salaried. Dedication of the employees enjoy the indirect way (see figure).

- In mode production capitalist resources to be divided, each individual family possessed.

- The production mainly indirect human resources completely.

- In capitalist mode: production resources divided each family possessing individually.

- Major production: In Production: manpower and materials gap.

It is really divided to the end, original relationship between people and Materials Production; machinery the only means associated with human resources in production,

can only be removed possession  when people no longer produce.  Capitalist mode of production therefore is the last mode of production, followed by is carried on universal.

Human society only 4 modes of production    assigned in accordance with 4 stages of the Yijing, History has proven there is no mode of production 5th wrong subsidy rules, innovation should be transferred back to Market Economy.

We analyze in depth the economic structure from tribal to capitalist market:

a / Occupy separate – Production materials:

In the long history of evolution, people who undergo different modes of production with forms occupy Production materials different.

Mode of production  Tribal:

+ Theravada stage human embryos have formed; just an active instinct for survival, such as picking, fruit picking, digging roots … No production, social immaturity.

+ Tribal  is time people have developed a pretty high steps:

said the group using primitive tools organized labor and production to preserve, development of his life.

  And especially important issue of quality

that it has formed the first production method of human society.

Tribe Tribal: The first stage of the production of man; level of production was simple, weakness; objects that produce virgin forest, no possession, manufacturing tools is to provide name, lingshot, crossbow … After producing "general"

people to keep to prevent predators

(that was conceived with the separately occupied production tools).

Last the tribal stage: humans mining wasteland cultivation, patriarch then began owning, away gradually quit labor; the members losing powers, become servants of the chiefs.

That was the germ of the mode of production launch Serfs inside the tribal mode of production, do not it is not the contents of the mode of production  tribes.

We can summarize the formula the mode of production tribes:


RESOURCES                     +                   TOOLS

                                      not mining wasteland                      no personal appropriation


So in this first mode of production people began to have private ownership Production tool, do not have private ownership Production materials.

+ The SERF method, Feudal, Capitalist:  private ownership Production materials with the scale and different forms: Mode of production the following scale as possessed thinner. The area possesses thinner production grows. By thin areas possessed ie more people possess,

Thereby we concluded:

If the evolutionary history of mankind is the history the development of the mode of production, the beginning of the mode of production that is start from the private ownership materials for production.

In social history without any mode of production is materials for production community ownership.

The true path to build prosperous society, is ownership of social production, make personal capitalism become  the collective capitalism, make every citizen are owners in production is   the new rich people, new country strong, Although a difficult job, but consistent with the biochemical cycle of the universe, It is entirely likely.

b / – The social nature of production.

Capitalist economic is the production of goods,   Should it deep social, show: Due to production by machines, continuity of production lines make workers sticking together, each worker as a population of cells. Social consciousness would be higher new developments in civilization industry under the new regime.

The basic issue should be clarified is the nature of social products. It carries two characteristics:

- A party is an individual possesses.

- A party is The social side of it in production and business purposes.

Two face any difficulty arises not, overlap not. This is the important theoretical the key:

-In production, the products are always associated with the possession of an object (owner possession). The mode of production in the history the product are possessed by individuals.

Itself manufacturing products not nature social. It's become a commodity to carry on sociability is by its owners created: They bring products to market exchange for other necessities.

Thus individuals possession social product is the law of nature.

Means that in production: private ownership of the social product is reasonable; not have a party possesses social, a party: the individual possesses is paradox.

a / – Liberation the working class:

To test the theoretical liberation: we consider manage the economy of the capitalist mode of production:

- Leadership: Owners production materials.

- Workers: Hedonic wage employees

- Products: Bourgeois management, business revenue surplus value.

- Government: Thu part of surplus value through the income tax base.

Be aware that the right: Liberation Class do not transfer form of hired; that must bring workers rights, real benefit in production facilities; the profit-sharing their labor is the basic elements indispensable. The economic structure of capitalist collective   function (see further below).

Ownership society is really general community

and of each particular person with the Materials for production and with the primary product created.

Economically, this forms only in Datong society; creating opportunity not right is outrageous. 


Yijing said: the excesses I want to turn the opposite. As the world wanted to do hegemonic of Hit-ler led to a humiliating defeat of the Nazis and the death of his sudden death.

B / – Transition to Datong:

Yijing said: "together standardized is the evolution of extremes" (4ID), "The rules are returning to the origin extremes (121D).

objects: the place where the extremes, developed through a closed loop and finally regression starting point; as water from the ocean evaporate the rain falling around the planet, then follow the river back to ocean   is the source of it. It is a natural law vested the Universe.

Human society from Primitive go out,   Economic development and social through the different morphology, and finally regression, to regression of the Primitive levels with higher is Datong.

Together primitive: standardized absolute manic eternal extremes. Regression tribes amorphous, failures do not know when.

II.- pros and cons of the economic structure of capitalism:

capitalist mode of production is one of four stages, and the mode of production of material follows the same evolution in the history of mankind.

The advent of the capitalist mode of production the development by leaps and bounds improvement of the tectonic nature of human life. Commodity production as well as technical skills increasing, create products increasingly rich social, satisfying the needs of human life.

 But the competition makes another bankruptcy;

and crises,recession also constantly happening.

Why has the development by leaps and bounds, but he also had ups and downs? Using Yijing illuminates it easy to understand as follows:

A / – The positive side, reasonable.

Yijing says: "All the big and small transform what in the world are probably due that two to yin yang out" (43 D).

In a capitalist economic structure has both bourgeois (yang), workers (yin), compare with Economic and social morphology the subsidies production it fits more should stand development.

The fruits of labor, social product not only by the individual worker output (as The Marx  said), that it is the result of the harmonious combination between the brainstorm (yang) of capitalists in research organizations, management and administration; and physical activity: labor muscles (yin) of workers (such as the achievement of a unit of the armed forces the aggregate results controller role commander and direct action to fight of soldiers).

a) – Advantages of capitalist economic structure:

Advantages of the capitalist mode of production are combined by the two above mentioned factors, reflected in several of the following characteristics:

1) – There is a yin yang harmony (between workers – bourgeois) in production.

In the history of human evolution the mode of production after, replacing the mode of production the previous takes place by the transformation of the economic – social represented by a class for new productive forces progress (yang) leadership, People (yin) perform. Completion of the revolution new mode of production is set on the basis of two new classes. The birth and development of the capitalist mode of production also located in this context. But compared to the previous mode of production the capitalist mode of production there are more fundamental advantages:

1) – There is a yin yang harmony (between workers – bourgeois) in production.

In the history of human evolution the mode of production after, replacing the mode of production the previous takes place by the transformation of the economic – social represented by a class for new productive forces progress (yang) leadership, People (yin) perform. Completion of the revolution new mode of production is set on the basis of two new class.

The birth and development of the capitalist mode of production also located in this context. But compared to the previous mode of production the capitalist mode of production there are more fundamental advantages:

- In the capitalist mode of production:

After the bourgeois revolution as profound reforms, Comprehensive Economic Industrial production is set and increasingly strengthened.

Bourgeoisie from the position as leader of social reform, They continue to play an important role in the management of social, economic leadership.

Yijing says: "There's a new yin yang transform",yin yang harmony with each other is have biochemical, biochemical  then born again, the new transformed into endless" (111 D).

capitalist mode of production The first is the mode of production yin yang harmony with the in the production and business establishments:

The company, factory owner yang capitalist capital, is the owner of production materials,

business executive producer; Yin workers that depend on, and is people directly product makers, two contrasting forces

directly tied together in the production facility, conditions for the development, Here are the basic advantages than comparing the mode of production before, create conditions for the boom in the manufacturing business.

Workers who produce have terms of the direction of the employers, any difficulties are being processed, resolved quickly and promptly. Lessons learned in the business of production,   inventions, technical innovations improve productivity, quality, efficiency of establishments arising largely in economic management yin yang harmony that.

Achievement production activities, social product as a result the harmonious combination between brain metabolism (yang) of capitalists in research organizations, Management and administration and the strength of the labor workers.

Mood was summarized by the following formula:


2) – A harmonious combination between research inventions and implementation.

In the history of human evolution if the research is motivated inventor spirit (yang), then the implementation promote the work of the initiative's the foundation material (yin) for the formation of all things.

From the inventor study that more people understanding the rules the natural world

to improve it, serve its interests, from which humans invent machines, increasingly sophisticated means, modern, cater to all aspects of life.

At each stage are have valuable inventions, but in other modes due to insufficient funding,

or the King Princess … keeping to their selfish make it into oblivion. For example, the study of pyramid building thousands of years ago now, but civilization was buried in the past. Only when the capitalist mode of production was born so far the invention of new initiatives promoted properly.

From invention to perform there is a certain distance, under capitalist economic mode

distance was shortened markedly. Traders are always keen to capture, exploring the subject invention has value put into production and business make it become a reality in vivid supply to serve people.

3) – Exchange of cooperation between the countries:

Along with the rapid development of machines, technical means in economics, the boom of modern information technologies, inventions of human initiative has quickly spread everywhere, now all inventions, scientific and technical progress have really become the common property of mankind.

The development of information along with the export of capital investment made human civilization quickly spread around the planet.

Besides the expansion of capitalist profit as the investment cooperation, charitable activities such as relief, Grants to … have certain effects help poor countries overcome difficulties development approach to human civilization.

The above developments are an important prerequisite for the development of humanity jumped into the heyday of the 21st century

B / – The downside of the capitalist mode of production:

       1) – Is personal capitalism; gap created class:

capitalist mode of production, has both yin yang is appropriate laws, but capitalism is individual,

there is a significant gap created class.

In the Production owners of capital and capital (yang capital), the production and business, investment only by owners decide; workers empty handed (yin capital) depends entirely.   Salaried employees, work as prescribed, no benefits and other rights in the premises.

Differences that create huge gaps in rights enjoyment as well as social status; the negative, passivity of workers arising from economic structure.

Therefore, to maintain the pace of production, capitalists have set strict labor discipline, often enlist the support of government and the establishment of political parties, create distance class and partisan competition; always make social differentiation, disturbance, consistency of social capital compromised.

2) – Monopoly capitalism because excessive profits:

Personal nature of capitalism make the status of individual absolute, independent decisions for personal gain there is no overall national orientation,

competition leading to tamponade, strangle each other. Typical: developed during the mid-19th century complex  the big capitalists collude with government, a face undermined domestic economy; on the other hand conduct an aggressive war enslaved peoples. The war of aggression beside the guise of civilization is ambitious market to capitalist expansion by supranational profit, caused many unjust sacrifice the lives of people in the country and suffering for the small nation … culminating in the competitive capitalist excesses led to the Second World War great crimes of Hitler and Tru-man, causing suffering for all mankind.

3) – Lack of planning and economic investment of government:

Capitalist economy in general developed on the basis of the dynamics of the private economic base; role of government is not clear.

All capital, production and business plans of the establishments are run by capitalists make their own decisions, no government support and investment.  So the development of the country asynchronous, uneven pace of development, crisis occurs; it is noteworthy that when overproduction occurs, it discard them and not lower prices, or charity or help the needy is needed, morality despised. During the crisis, they sacked workers, causing unemployment, nations economic difficulties increasingly greater difficulties. The downside of this is that a major difficulty with the master plan to put forward to the Datong of humanity. The financial and economic crisis is a typical current.

C / – The development of the capitalist mode of production.

To find an appropriate structure rules, I had to research one step further the process of formation and development of two existing economic structure of society. "Every object through four stages formation, Thinh, failure, Cancel", capitalist mode of production spontaneously born, and also develop completely natural in the transformation of society, it's just that 1 in 4 stages of development that production of all subjects creation of human life, on the other hand itself is an object, it also changes according to the four stages that:

The advent of the steam engine is the pre capitalist mode of production.

But to come to the realization of the production

it must go through the trials of being human.

That period was at home extremes.

SUCCESS: From the base of the first industrial production launch

bourgeois revolution to abolish feudalism,

establishment of the capitalist mode of production to the capitalist mode within itself.

This is the period marked a new development

nature on the way to create human life.

THINH: From Bourgeois Revolution to mid-20th century:

After the revolution the bourgeois mode of production established new, Industrial production form and thrive. For the first time in human history machinery machines replace human labor in productive labor, a period of abundant wealth creation meet the physical needs of the rich diversity of people. Spirit of the new mode of production increasingly widespread, attract strong workforce.

The strength of the new mode of production make the politics of capitalism take the dominant position on the planet.

But due to the nature of individual capitalists with overly ambitious profit, Capitalism transformed into colonial empires. Complete the division of the world economic market, capitalist mode of production transformed into capitalist modes international with formula:

CAPITALISM           +             HOME WORKER


                               Group main capitalist states              People's labor colonies


In the international situation as such, main ethnic Vietnamese did pioneering force break the colonial system, break colonial capitalist system

termination of period THINH, opening stage REFLECTION of the capitalist mode of production (after Vietnam won the French water national liberation movement developed, colonial system disintegrated from there, and after the American victory was complete disintegration).

REFLECTION : mid -20th century to the early 21st century:

After two wars overseas Vietnamese colonial system disintegrated, International TB mode of production is broken, mode of production is a significant step backwards (back operations in each country as before).

Recent encouraging capitalists workers contribute equity to the factories, the company, This form consistent with the laws of evolution, Highlights of the position it is to make the private possession narrow, set the stage for the class balance with collective forms of capitalism, REFLECTION ending period,

blown canceled, Datong brought humanity forward.

REFLECTION: Early 21st Century onwards:

REFLECTION stage of the capitalist mode of production occurring from the new economic structure: Capitalist Collective -  alternative structure Personal Business.

In the history of mode of production turns by the negation, productive forces nascent  in mode of production old, opposition forces produce old, and the old mode of production – by social revolution.

Capitalist Individual and Collective Capitalist not two separate periods of history, that it is only the phase of period, no new productive forces inside each other Should social not revolution.

Which is a smooth transformation on a completely voluntary basis; "The changes are not adversary, no punishment, that which is taken as the basic communication harmony "(167 D).

through four stages as above, also in content (yang) development momentum evolution of mankind,  not entirely dependent on the form of production.

Compared with the human body (yin) through four stages of transformation, other knowledge (yang) with relative independence as:


In the womb, is not a person, it is still in the house Extremes.

SUCCESS: From birth to 18 years old:

The period of formation and development

both physically and mentally.

18 years is the youth, also just gone through high school levels, knowledge unfold fundamental (so the program 12 years system rather than 10 years).

Thinh: From 18 to about 45 years old: the most prosperous period of physical, both health and performance in all aspects the highest (the creation period of the human career).

REFLECTION: From 45 to 6o years: strength is diminishing.

Cancelled: from 60 years onwards: declining health until die.

 (Two stages REFLECTION, Cancelled high up gradually changing with the development of production). Body (yin) that vary with the cycle, but the spirit (yang) always thrive, as is from 45 to 60 years old the knowledge era as comprehensive development, in-depth strongest.

Only when the dead, are both disappearance.

With mode of production as well:

In four stages, is the later stages the production level is higher, especially Cancelled Phase, is the highest peak in both production capacity, and conditions for spiritual transformation to  humanity forward Datong (remove all the possession and production, people enjoy abundant wealth by automatic technical achievements created as available in naturally so).

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