The explosion in Russia is not a “meteorite”

On February 15, 2013 in Russia, astronomers said that the meteorite had no convincing evidence. In the universe there are no "meteorites" or "asteroids" flying around colliding each other.

Nasa has repeatedly warned of "meteors", "asteroid" is about to hit the earth and then nothing happens.

Until the Russian incident occurred both Nasa and the Russian space agency ISS completely unknown at all, They say avoid small asteroids, not enough to detect the telescope !!! Not that, because it is not "meteorite" so they can not detect it big or small!

"It exploded in the air," the researcher said. "Because of the rapid velocity, the friction of the air is explosive," That argument is not true. 

It should be further understood that "fast-moving objects absorb energy (which collect both energy and heat, so the weight and temperature are low) that it does not spontaneously generate energy , "as evidenced by:

+ The wind is cold, even the storm hundreds of kilometers away where the temperature everywhere down.

When we drive fast we will be cold, when we stop measuring the temperature and blood pressure are higher than normal, though we go in the middle of the cold winter.

+ Electricity is a mixture of electricity, light, hot fast moving at the speed of light (300.000 km / sec) load away, to the place where we do thousands of kilns, on the wires sometimes through the plastic wrap are flammable but they are normal. Only on the road to encounter obstacles such as open circuit create a large resistance to fire; Or the plane rolling the road surface when the new radiant energy generated fire.

Object movement can not be as fast as electricity, and the movement in the air without any resistance should not be self-explosive.

- The incident caused more than 1000 people to be injured, scar sharp as broken glass that all made only slightly rubbed, they concluded mainly due to broken glass, is another mistake; Here the glass is shaken, does not explode in place debris can not be broken like broken glass in place, only make everyone just rubbed lightly, and in fact they can not find broken glass  in those wounds.

- They say find thousands of fragments of "meteorite"!

There are some which weighs up to 1.8kg, so must be smaller pieces such as a kilogram, half kilogram … why not cause serious injury to people? And they did not find it either  the piece in any of the wounds of the people!


Let's imagine bringing ice cubes dam; It will break off, and its fragments will have sharp corners like glass fragments. The ice that explodes in the air will cause the body slightly.

Based on Yijing, we can easily explain the creation of the "celestial body" as follows:

Yijing said: "Every object in the universe is Tai Chi (太极) born (born yin yang) between the sun and the earth, the sun is yang, the earth is yin (yin yang is yin yang Actual power: also magnetic, bright, hot. Yijing also said "disperse out is yang, collected in is yin"; The sun generate energy the energy supply to the solar system in two ways:

1 / – The first way:

Yijing said: "in sun the south yang sun, north yin.

 "In earth southern yin earth, north yang;

Sun The south of yang emits electricity, the earth yin collects into, move via north yang: release; the northern sun (yin) collects, forming the closed circuit, which is the cause in the earth have yin electricity. , which science knows but coan not explain; The electric yin in the ground creates biochemical activity in the soil; and attractive magnetism, light, hot of the sun feed the people and all objects

2 / – The second way:

The sun (yang) diffuses the magnetic field, the light, the strong heat that supplies the solar system, the Earth (yin), absorb creating both physical and mental biochemistry for humans and animals, all material activities on the planet (have their own explanations).

The sun running across the zodiac across the spots: the spring, summer, fall, fall, winter solstice created the weather four seasons; The Earth follows the Sun, at each location is impacted by different constellations, so the Earth is tilted in different seasons (with its own explanatory program).

Winter: The southern  is more inclined to the Sun, giving the southern hemisphere days longer than the night, the northern hemisphere shorter than the night, the Sun now shining directly on the Earth Southern Hemisphere mostly sea, does not affect the temperature of the Earth. , while the northeast wind brings the cold of the poles into the cold air of the planet; cold water does not evaporate, some of the vapors are slightly cold formed into snow ice, do not form clouds of steam, air drying, no cloud of steam, no rain

Summer The northern hemisphere is more inclined to the Sun, the northern daytime hemisphere is longer than the night; The sun shines directly at Earth in the northern hemisphere, where the two deserts of Shahara and Libya are subjected to intense heat from the sun as the air expands, , which radiate outwardly to create a hot summer monsoon dominating the planet that causes global warming, Hot wind causes water to evaporate, creating clouds containing rain create water.


From the middle of the spring to the middle of the autumn, especially the summer in the sky there are two winds operating opposite directions: on the height of the wind from the southeast to northwest, below the wind from the desert. Low wind west, southwest wind (this time the sky in the sky look carefully in the sky will see two clouds are flying in opposite directions

The winds of the south-east to north-west pass through the poles:

- Clouds of steam passing through the North Pole polar absorption of electricity yang,

- The clouds across across Antarctic absorb electricity yin.

(which is reason have clouds yang,  yin in the sky).

- The polar electric polar in the south-east wind blowing out straight go to high place

- While the yin charged clouds in the south pole are blown by the south east wind, through earth, they bear two opposite forces:

+ The earth sucked into it does not go straight but the curve is inclined to land.

+ On the other hand, the thrust between the electric force and the electrons in the clouds and in the ground made them not swoop down to the ground, but hovered in the sky.

This yin charged cloud has an important role to play as a shield to safeguard the Earth;  Normally in the sky there is always the reverse cloud,  but they are far away from each other,  do not creating lightning.

When the Divine collect clouds for create rain,  clouds of yin charged nearby come first, he cloud of yang comes later meet each other to create thunder lightning  before rain.

From the beginning of the 2012 winter in Russia, the freezing prolonged (up to the point of occurrence explosion the ground temperature is minus 18 degrees Celsius), the cold air rises to the upper reaches causing the yangy clouds to form ice sheets great.  Explosion february 15, 2013 "sacred" gathering of clouds rain yin  to before, tảng băng yang crystallized move to later,  met with yin clouds, causing explosion. This is the cause of the explosion in the air.

Ice is made up of the tiny snow,  unstable, the strong explosion causing them to shatter evenly, sharp fragments, of sharp edges such as broken glass, cut clothes and skin. sharp people like cut glass and only cause small wound,  they melt away so people can not find anything in the wound.

Contrary to climate change, there are two different consequences: rising atmospheric temperature melting ice (polar ice), reduce heat inside the soil  the impact on the "create ice"! Everything is man-made and harmful to mankind.

The incident is the beginning, the next year will occur more and more from mid-winter to mid-spring, Nasa and scientists will also not be detected before.

In order to improve the environment to create peace for mankind, we have to have a way to reduce the atmospheric temperature and thoroughly combat the disturbance of the earth with a comprehensive program, not only cut off emissions Generally speaking, climate change conferences have failed in the past.

Continued: US 53 degrees cold, Indian hot 47 degrees where link:

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