Moon also operate (gas injection) like the sun and the earth. Navel called the gas door Moon  (月氣門) blowing gas from west to east, make the moon turning from east to west create two northernmost yin – male yang.

As a result:

-Between the moon and the sun two electrodes in the same direction push each other to the moon,  moon not to follow the sun.

-Between the Moon and Earth two opposite electrodes attractive to each other; in which the earth stable orbit around the sun. Moon was the sun being pushed, Moon orbiting the earth.


Roadmap for the operation:

 the impact of Earth to the Moon, Like the impact of the Sun to Earth, should Moon go inside the Moon's orbit around the Earth, Moon also moves reverse rotation axis (like Earth) and move from west  to east  (therefore Moon grows increasingly so late).

Due to the opposite electrode gravity to Sun, Earth, Moon touch each other: Sun rules – Earth's orbit, Earth rules – Moon orbits; makes three located on the same plane and Roadmap for the operation: two together, one against (Sun, Earth go west, go east Moon), both 3 easy – to see each other on a straight line, create real eclipse, lunar eclipse.

Comparison between the rotational velocity Sun, Earth, Moon:

Sun in mid, go faster the speed, of energy development magnetic, optical, hot provides strong Solar System.

-Earth orbit (opposite Sun) slower than the (speed 1669.333 km/h), enough to absorb energy needed feed all subjects, if slower yin energy harvesting power is not enough, the Earth will cool into the snow, vice versa if you go faster, high hot will burn every object.

There should be a distinction: case of rapidly rotating Earth or slow to collect high energy or less; and case object move quickly lower temperatures – as in the case on the plateau lower temperatures where low (by this case Earth's stability have absorbs  the heat magnetic stability of the Earth), on the plateau: faster rotational velocity compare low under, the lower temperature  (LAW absorb energy metabolism).

Moon orbit around Earth (so also revolves around the Sun),

but Sun Moon motion turned in the same direction,  should not  induction, not directly receive power  where the sun, that due to the sensitivity Moon Earth, Moon absorbs magnetic through the mediation of Earth.   Power output and Earth by transfer lower, compare Sun Power output emitting. Moon should have to go faster than the speed of Earth: (1745.333 km/h-1669, 8333km / h = 75,500 km / h) enough to absorb magnetic, optical, hot  for their biochemical

(have special: Earth intermediary transition conditions magnetic, made the Moon to optical absorption hot from Sun; Moon not optical absorption, hot through the Earth).

-Orbit of Moon smaller orbit of the Earth, by Moon with sucked into in of the Earth, Moon longer have  push to in of the Sun; make lliptical orbit Moon  flattened at the ends.

-When the Moon between Sun and Earth (30 days, 1 calendar yin), with the gravity of the Earth, and pushed to in of the Sun to the Earth, make it close to Earth.

-When the Moon is in perpendicular – shaft Earth and Sun  (8, 9 and 23, 24 yin calendar),  the thrust of the Sun, make Moon distance to the Earth.

-When Moon through  symmetry the Earth the Sun  (15, 16 yin calendar).

Thrust of the Sun Earth is covered to eliminate it, this time attractive face Eartht Moon, on the other hand intermediate Earth – retransmit  force attractive of Sun:  Add a Moon Earth gravity. Plus 2 attractive make Moon close to Earth (as the Moon is between Sun and Earth).


The people know the rainbow by color is light dispersal Sun  through the water vapor; but why  have the spread?

As the above said: "The attraction together between Moon, Earth  create tides, axis induction by attracting water it operates follow the Moon, "everyone knows. Water is always evaporating,

shaft that pulls moisture sensor it operates follow the Moon  create dense fog on the Earth, amount of fog many tens kilometers wide,  high and tens of kilometers, rainbow occurs when the Sun projection through the water column Vapor projection upward  elected Sun – the Sun, column water vapor, who stood in line together line will see the rainbow, rainbow long or short because we stand in the position slight deviation or large, and rainbows occur only for about 8-10 minutes

straight line between the Sun, the water column no longer  no longer see the rainbow.


* Moon have halo:

Moon is blurred  and halos around amid clouds of heaven there is no, phenomenon that happens as follows: between the Moon and steam column above and sun line up together line, Moon light is obscured column water vapor,  columns of steam also make Sun amplify light colors   create a rainbow around the moon.


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