Cloud charged – Lightning – Rain – Hail

The scientists explain that Lightning by the cloud yin yang (opposite) met born, but why have cloud an electric charge, and why are oppositely charged, the science is not explain basis. This was solved as follows:

-Create the Earth magnetic polar Arctic yang, Antarctica yin, this power does emit the strongest. Summer winds southeast – northwest walked to the North Pole and South Pole, and the air has moisture, so when the clouds have water vapor passing through the polar Arctic absorption yang power, passing through the South Pole absorption power yin. But the wind goes awry should: sky split into two gas streams:

-The electrically charged clouds in the northern hemisphere yang  Southeast winds blow was thrown out  range Yarth, should be a straight line  which fly out onto high floor.

-The clouds of yin  in the southern hemisphere – the wind blows from southeast inland. Earth's gravity is do it operate Eartht vertical curve, but due to the repulsive force of both energy yin in the cloud  and heart Earth, it do not swooping down, should fly on close the Earth's surface.

So yin yang two clouds separated in two floors away, although the sky is always electrically charged clouds but no ordinary lightning. Only when the rain clouds gathered, the clouds to meet new electricity generated lightning.

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The cloud of charged yin lower floor was as shield protection of land,  by rain before the low stratus near the land surface more to before, cumulus clouds the yang to after, meet has caused the sky thunder.

Only a few cases clouds of low-floor electric yin not covered, Yang charged cloud passes through loophole.

Lightning cause of land. Lightning usually occurs in mountainous areas, over the plateau, by sometimes charged clouds yin flying low over compare peaks the mountain, plateau;  leave much space, Yang charged clouds invade, Lightning cause. And lightning usually occurs only  preparation time rain or at the beginning of the rain, the rain at the is infrequent lightning.

Summer occurs as above, Spring, Autumn wind from east to west do not go over the poles, so basically the sky no cloud contamination, but by adjusting the direction of the sea breeze,  and the gathering cold (positively charged) at both ends of the poles to create rain, should also thunder,  but less than summer.

 With winter  Wind northeast – southwest have passed through the poles, but due to dry air no steam, so little of cumulus clouds. On the other hand: winter, spring no large rains, (do not) cold air brings together many, should rarely have lightning.

m / – Rain:

Scientists say: Steam having cold water swung into rainy. But steam and cold air are focused and intersect how rain? My interpretation is as follows:

-Summer southeast to northwest winds passing through both poles, bring cold air operation in the sky.  But due to the hot surface wind from both the Sahara and Libya power control, not to be cold down near the Earth, cold distribution above. Gas was important crust made up of a cold  floor surrounded oxygen, the sun shining down  right through it is relieving New to reconcile with oxygen, to balance between the cold heat  the atmosphere.

Due to the cold floor was that when only a small cloud rain can also.

But widespread rains, necessary focus be more clouds containing water vapor, not normally be done. By: gathering clouds contact the cold air creating condensation and rain,  not  to wide areas, so before the clouds set Divine cold air to collect all in a different location on high, create space without air conditioner; (at that time the sun shines directly on the ground cause sultry sometimes 2-3 days before the rain).

The process of gathering rain clouds the low stratus clouds usually contain yin Power output before dense, cumulus Yang Power output at the next floor the following, it usually meet at rain thunder born.

Once that is focus full containing clouds of steam necessary, the cold air was collected moved to add more.

  How to create rain:

- Cold air evenly above take effect Down, steam Water condensation to fall down; by cold air movement faster than raindrops, Should cold air spreads both cloud cover,   the rain along the vapor layer below, a water particle to add large.

And also because of the heat fast speed – than the speed of rain; so when the weather is hot, Dark clouds gather complete  the ground temperature cool change shortly, after the last  rain new to.

Particularly winter: always have the cold air and water vapor near the ground but not raining, that usually only snow; the reason is:

Cold air mixed with water vapor make steam condensed, the tape ended. Ice is the solid particles can not integrate into each other in the air, snow particles only small, not great.

à thể rắn không thể hội nhập vào nhau trên không trung, nên tuyết

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n / Ice Pellets:

In the summer common places hail, Have books said: "The hail initially only normal rain, but when moving down in the air, it not to the ground, by the air was hot rises from the ground violently, they pop up push, end of the ice particles formed.

This ice particles continue to add steam condenses around them, cause them, extra large then fell to the ground, but the air still rises sharply, they were pushed up, last few turns so ice particles extra large.

Then the air is not enough to push them up again, ice particles falling. According to Wikipedia: "the main reason is the intense cold fronts overflow quickly. " The explanation was not correct.

- How hot gas case rain that pushed upwards that it do not evaporate out? Pushed up to the cold place and "give" for cold link them become  the tape?

Rain ever also accompanied by cold air, and the velocity of the gas temperature faster than the speed of falling rain, so before the rain falls anywhere Cold air is already "preparing the way",  not to be the case hot air pushed upward so.

As for Wikipedia: Not just the cold quickly is to make Ice Pellets?

Which is rain two class:

The normal rain the upper scroll down meet cold air of rain below forming the ice, ice particles falling through a cloud of steam added below the to make it more falls as hail.

So: always hail parallel  with normal rainfall, and hail are bigger.

The reason for this phenomenon is due in mid air uneven air distribution – as in the case aircraft is flying in the air often strained shock. While most clouds containing water vapor and cold air streams focus properly; a small part inadequacy was "disoriented" should "get lost" on floor or below normal rainfall, parts "stray" that often only small; therefore Ice Pellets not so length, but sometimes cause major damage for the incident that occurred.

Conditions of inadequacy of the atmosphere above is the influence of the thermal environment gases and disturbance in heart the earth's (as well because man-made: as the most populous city, and industrial areas, farm scale oxygen consumption, rarefied air than elsewhere).


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