In 2008 the world was plunged into a financial crisis, the worst since the Great Depression of 1929-1933. The crisis began with the housing loan crisis in the United States, which is deeply internal problems of the banking system in the U.S. and Europe.

Consecutive the bank have name went Bankrupt or must be government relief.

Financial markets in many countries have almost frozen, pull the economy into recession. While many countries have made huge stimulus plan, the total amount released about 2 trillion USD globally.

Khủng hoảng kinh tế

Divide in the economy of a country 2 storey review:

- In the area of ​​infrastructure.

- Overall, the leadership of the national economy.

  1. In the area of ​​infrastructure :

a / – Capitalism economic base:

Yijing says "Anything yin and yang must have. There are both yin and yang new paradigm ". "Yang start that yin follow", department whose role is advocated yang, yin depends". The economic structure of Feudal and Bourgeois both yin and yang are there (bourgeois and landlords managing is yang, workers dependent yin). Suitable laws should exist.

Ching said "yin yang have exposure is new biochemical, born and reborn, the new evolution infinity".

Feudal economic system owners without exposure and farmers, should exist for thousands of contrition that no development. While capitalism is the harmony between capitalists and workers, capitalists take care of the production well, the technical improvements to increase productivity, to manage input and output, make link consumer products … favorable conditions of production difficulties, bourgeois owners capture timely, create capacity in the production structure can say capitalism production structure is the best of humanity to to today.

The downside of the economic structure of capitalism:

Ching said "balance is LAW rule and commander all actions in life."

The structure of capitalist economic production have reconciled without balance, the product including all investors. Workers (only) work hired received salary.

During the period that ethical behavior among people is not respected, the gap more grew.

Creation protests highlights is the city of Chicago day

05/01/1886. Until now, to equitization in the company's factories have improved some, but the gap between Investors WITH workers remain.

b/- Economic Base subsidized:

The subsidized economic structure which is born of the theory of surplus value, so a little research is needed on this theory.

Situation in which appearance (Karl Marx), a German scholar, in 1847, he became famous doctrine: Theory of surplus value, the signal of a period of significant changes in the global political arena.

The great doctrine is the value of manufacturing workers by machines created much greater than the force of normal working people values ​​is a new discovery.

Theory which is quite true, but time does not exactly have the basic – legislation therefore should have defects theory – theory that machines without human control is only dead animals, man is the decisive factor , concluded that the surplus value created by workers.

So remove the individual has the right to the means of production, to bring justice to society, bring benefits to many people. Establish mechanisms subsidized economy.

People trust, but after Establish mechanisms subsidized economy is weakening economy – leading to the collapse of the system – a number of other countries have innovation to stay. This shows that finally error doctrine.

So value surplus (价 値 剩余) whence where have? Humanity not explicit

LAW absorbing the energy metabolism: Explain be essentially of matters.

During operation – machine absorption magnetic, optical, hot – water steam, gas (Sun Land) to increase energy for the activities.

For example:

- When the machine was operated: bring metal on any metal parts that it is hot, light and electromagnetic absorption: friction make magnetic, optical, hot; that is the energy absorption of  the Sun (LAW absorb energy metabolism).

- Give the fire horizontal detail machine is operating, the fire will look in the direction of its operation; meaning that have air move together. That is: water steam, gas of Earth surrounded, eliminate friction with gas, the detailed operation Quickly without hot.

The two experimental results: Machine operation details absorbing magnetic, optical, hot, steam, gas of Sun Earth , energy was converted into a new value to the product.

So: (price surplus value) absorb energy metabolism Sun Earth – not created by anyone.

While surplus value because workers use machinery absorbed the energy metabolism of Sun Land created:

The labor of workers – machines investors. Of surplus value is common to both; busy person alone is not reasonable: accounted for all investors before this is not reasonable, that the elimination investors also wrong ;

should the system collapse, the remaining water the new innovation to stand back, which a manifestation of Vietnam, as U.S. president said «President Obama recognized … Vietnam in achieving market economy status ».

Yijing says "Yijing only is between the primary that stop, making in the people do not between to place between , do not primary to place primary", "between the primary which repeats is the evolution of all things be so".

And "Road of the Yijing is Change, but "Yijing is And Easy, happy Easy; rather than unsolvable Easy", And Easy, happy Easy is Change which agreement and, fun – Do not in scene opposition, hostile".

Yijing also said "LAW between the primary ie LAW balance have incumbent to adjust  the impasse, tilt in everything, the things. But "Never had balance without a difference", "If everything in life were averaged without scene difference is like do not flying clouds, the water does not flow as death scene."

The economic structure (subsidies) have equilibrium (all of which are alike: both proletarian capital),  but balance – not the difference is that this death scene.


The modifications made ​​to workers and employers balance the rights and obligations of the manufacturing facility, which is the balance of the difference, the difference in the balance.

- Such mechanism will make the real workers freed: after a period of labor wages are paid in full, but also the profit-sharing of production facilities, they will energetically excited, highly heat more responsible, and devoted to the production base more.

Investor-owners remains original; profit fell a part, but return is enthusiastic worker collective responsibility. They are more confident with their workers, gentle management, production organization. They to focus spiritual, intellectual research into improving the efficiency of production and business. Between investors and workers will trusted do you companion go to shore mutual prosperity, crowning glory of mankind.

2/- Global Relations between the national leadership and the economy:

While the economic crisis spread around the world to test, people go to History Museum in New York U.S. economy or return to study Das Kapital by Karl Marx, but still deadlocked, could not find the depth of problem.

Ching said: "Having (yin and yang) new developments have, not some yin or yang own particularity. If only one yang, one yin – yang or yin will be killed. "

The leadership of the central government as economically general brain (yang), the economic base by people such as muscle (yin).

The capitalist economic structure of production, invest in something private to self determination not subject what regulations.

Means that the economy is only yin (micro infrastructure grassroots), at the macro level there is no overall management of government (not yang), the inevitable crisis.

An event is the United States:

- Two areas in which they invest the most powerful and weaknesses is a real estate and cars.

House is needed – Safe home happy career for people – need to be open management policy to create favorable conditions for the population, but in the U.S. the real estate investment company for profit, they bought land in most cities, the construction of rental apartments profits or high housing prices, and only hire people think that life can ; Bank investments in these companies excesses.

Business is sometimes when the risk, whereas in the United States, and especially the city of New York, where many ailments and accidents can happen at any time, so many people do not pay the rent ; first population lacking some – not big fluctuations. debt crisis later grow more, it tighter debt – Evictions left out the house (people) homeless more drops – destabilize society, but they do not collect enough money to pay the bank – Bank fall into a dead end, banks drag the volatile fluctuations of the general economy as a whole.


- Next is investing heavily in sectors such as cars GENERAL MOTO (GM), FORT, CHRYSLER only advanced production, it is the backbone of the economy, is not focus on investing in small production facilities, not paying attention to sectors producing basic consumer goods; difficult economic times, luxury goods are not sold, the big corporations this crisis, the economic crisis in the country could not be helped.

Large companies not pay on their bank loans. Banking fluctuations, led to a series of changes in the business of other companies – the dismissed workers – disturbances in social security – (chain reaction) create unrest economy.

Leaders countries are trying to stop a recession, including pumping money into the banks and the key economic base in the country, it is only the measures that are not fundamental, like so as to bring sea salt, as in the U.S. they pump money into the banks, the two major car companies GM, FORT and insurance group AIG:

With two largest car groups: GENERAL MOTO (GM), CHRYSLER not pump money into the bankruptcy is obvious, workers lost their jobs, unemployment is rampant disrupt social life, investment on the restructuring and continued production car to do? Previously eye temporary stand back, but the future when the fluctuations are not sold? Sure they still deadlocked.

Most countries use the U.S. dollar as a reserve source of its national budget; to the U.S. recession, the slowdown in all follow. This scenario happens all over the world.

And the current debt crisis in the countries of the euro in danger worse than that there is no way to save.

The economic structure (subsidies) government management operating economy, crisis certainly is not like that. But really good?

Follow LAW absorb energy metabolism say "yin-yang relationship is not direct" (see the law of consequences 1) as in the human – spirit crystallized in the brain that control all aspects – by nervous system that not directly. Circuit to power – mediated use spending power, do not directly (will draw power off immediately). Economic mechanisms which level of government holding direct operating rules should be as wrong as the recession faster.

The planet is thriving on modern industry with two economic models above are defective, how to overcome the dilemma is that of all nations.


"The economic structure of capitalism is the best of mankind until the present time" though imperfect, but when switching create "equality in difference – difference in equality" would be perfect in infrastructure; maintaining the autonomy of the economic base is if true, but not do completely neglected management control, as crisis that Western countries today, governments must hold tight, the operation was not directly but indirectly through an intermediate legs of the system (such as the nervous system of the human body) with how to organize complete functional department – it is to end the current crisis, creating prosperity permanent global economy.

And how the organization must be located in whole world all aspects, and appropriate time, so please wait for a program!     

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