Economic Structure biochemical round corresponding of the Universe

Yijing said: "Yijing including the road go out and the  went back to … that is directed back to your house Extremes "(112D), bring precious natural.

Human society from primitive to go out, Economic development and social through the different morphology, and the final regression is a regression to the primitive with higher levels ie moving Datong. The current volatility is the evolution of button, the final stages; Phase Cancelled of the capitalist mode of production, the conditions for transition period. TB mode of production has left a huge property of facilities   techniques and high knowledge for mankind, is possible to change conditions.

Yijing also said: "Materials and processing rules, extreme contrast material principle "(120D).

First decade of the 21st century is the period ending depletion phase transition to the phase canceled, mid 21st will century brought humanity forward Datong.

The new object compression can move forward, the current economic crisis is not this routine as before, it does not stop as people think, as the later is more severe than the crisis, special is a war going on. Because it is embedded steps to jump.

Yijing also said: "All the big transformation in life from what little yin yang 2 reason  that out. Yin and yang includes new transformation, not have only one yin or yang 1; If only 1 yin, or yang 1 that he will be killed ".

The economic infrastructure in Capitalist owners yang, yin workers. Economic restructuring subsidies Capitalism yang demolished, only workers yin, like headless snake.

Economic restructuring capitalist on the basis of both the workers and the capitalists have both yin yang development should exist.

And in general, the government leaders yang, yin economy; private capitalist economic self-determination, in overall government policies can not control; into the derelict as well like headless snake, after the crisis.

In principle government leadership is yang, economy yin.

Economic subsidies have planned economy, in general: yin yang both, not in crisis capitalism; but yin yang indirect relationship, and not directly (see the law of absorption and energy metabolism in the link:; authority to appoint a director the direct command (like the direct connection of 2 poles per rules make it ac-average power draw all right), on the other hand the director of this case is not the same owners of capital, because they are politically yang than workers, but for them also which is yin, because they do not have any capital base, products they have no right to occupy; so they are selling selling yin yang, the dangerous part of it, so corrupt, wasteful, irresponsible, rapid decline.

So to create a yin yang coherence between political superstructure (government) economy, but not direct ties, that indirectly through an intermediate system,  as yang spirit crystallized in the brain, the body via the operating system that intermediate nerves.

The reality shows to create peace, prosperity for humanity to reform both at the infrastructure and the overall planning of the economies of the two precious national law:

- On the basis of established economic structure of capitalist collective (TBTT), create a balance between the yin yang capitalists and workers, create new vitality to the economy.

- In general: adjusted managing a department to bridge the link between government and the National Economy, yin yang wires create indirect contact between Government and Economy, thoroughly overcome recession and economic crisis.


A.- Goal:

Yijing also said: "All objects are always looking up the balance, "The main reset then transformed going smoothly "(146D).

To be Liberation workers and building a strong economy, create balance reconciliation between hedonic dedication to promote enthusiasm of the people responsible.

Basis for Economic Justice yin and yang of both sticking together to the law should exist, develop, but the distinction is overly is defective create pinched together and unjust. Maintain structural yin yang and create a balance for it is precious right approach.

Collective Capitalism: is Capitalism Economics, but the collective capitalist, turned everyone into the bourgeois society (to varying degrees), it is done according to the rules ensuring strong ownership of all capitalist production Production tool, just create ownership Workers with production Production tool  's share capital by creating Worker with the striving, and is also limited:


In which each worker has an equal share in the capital case basis.

With the balance of such capital: Workers will exercise balance with the capitalist, both rights and responsibilities in production facilities, foundation of balance in all aspects when the whole society to the General Council. All the atmosphere of pollen fertility in Economics, nice Politics – Society The new regime's proliferation of mechanisms that economy.

The level of equity is 50% each side striving for collective standard workers (workers less him will not be eligible to balance powers, benefits and responsibilities), and there is also limited (if that is in excess of yin than yang birth disorders: The investor's sovereignty is threatened, enthusiasm, their liability will be reduced, of the wicked tendencies).

Yijing said: "Never had flat without a difference …  Because of the lack of balance that balance "(147 D), on the other hand Yijing also said, "The object in life that are average, no difference anymore, the water is not moving, the clouds do not fly … things would have condensed all. That death scene "(147, 148D).

With such shares on there is a balance there differences follow right the rule: Between collective worker and owners of capital the overall balance; but the individual: between the owners of capital each worker there is a difference. It is a relatively egalitarian: Balance the difference, differences in balance; both factors are equal, democratic responsibility internally, both have good heads rolling, care for the common core, conditions of the fine motor development   consistent with the biochemical cycle of the Universe.

In the history of the mode of production interchangeable. Forces Manufacturing nascent

remove the old mode of production, establishing a new mode of production progress. Capitalism also individual, and collective capitalism are not two separate stages, that it is only the phase period, no new productive forces inside each other, should not have opposition destroy each other, which is a smooth transformation on a completely voluntary basis; Yijing said: "not evolution adversary,   similar massacre each other, which is taken as the basic communication harmony "(167D);

That is the magic of the upcoming changes.


The economic structure of capitalism Collective  with the balance between private capital and the collective worker benefit (a job that benefits overall).

1/- For the investors:

With limited equity of 50%: Rights, benefits, responsibilities Capitalism's all still intact, results of operations of the facility is still their careers: Compared with before: now with 50%, but then they have both a collective and responsible, They reassured excited enthusiasm to promote responsibility in operating the business and production.

It is important that their workers are now member shares, capital, with its important interests in the premises,   people will be enthusiastic responsibility, owners of capital will be lighter in management, their time goofing worry the program, great plan, workers in the facility will be self-managed, Like family: Husband worried outer, his wife and children in the management of such things. Two objects will be more confident to stick together, as the vanguard make country, contribute to the brink of humanity to glory.

2 / – For foreign investors:

With the new arrangement: erase boards leadership parallel to the investor as previously, investors no longer overlap by two mechanisms leadership, they are all full, the right to approve the production of business as a regular pattern in their country before now. At the same time the labor force Members are enthusiastic shares responsibility, They believe are truly interested in the business.

Daily as well as the need for government relations, between them and the workers' representatives meet regularly discuss unification creating relationships sticking together in grassroots economy. This is the standard mechanism, is a good premise for a strong attraction the investment of foreign capital contribute to the development of national weakness, create balance Economics – Politics – between the National Society of the planet to advance to Datong.

3 / – For authorities

Under a capitalist economy Collective:

The government is responsible for taking care of economic development, nation building by investing in equity for workers   in the production and business establishments; not neglect , leadership role (yang) on the basis of (yin) as as the government of capitalist countries.

Capital investment but not subsidized using the power of government to impose basis, no intermediate organizational structure

cumbersome bureaucratic procedures, funding costly, anxious toil arises as the negative downturn Economy.

Implementation mechanism of capitalist economic Collective: Government capital investment but Affairs workers management, associated with the owners of capital production and business organizations.

With her ​​organization, administrative agency responsible for both high for the country and the people, that goofing focus is spiritual wisdom anxiety research improve the efficiency of overall leadership social functions, not busy with business financial issues, that the economic base will also voluntarily adequate budget

Can summarize the basic structure of the new economy:

- Below is the economic structure Capitalist Collective created by local people.

- Above-oriented government (operating through a middleware system) create a harmonious balance between industry and territory, and necessities social life as well as  international relations.

4 / – For the working class:

The economic structure Capitalist Collective   take the share capital of each human being, balance in accordance with the law as background for underlying ownership of production facilities.

This structure actually liberated the working class: From the poor to work for a living, Now they have the new position, everyone owns an account in a modern industrial base. But the account must sign the bank debt, but no one asked to pay, which deducted monthly profit.

Capital authorized shares bequeathed to the descendants when of retirement, even if they when severance in the facility, they are entitled to transfer to another person.


In addition to basic salary ago, Now they also participate in profit sharing basis, new lighting mode really shines is in the worker's life.

The poor take to hire, meals full meals hunger, be despised. Today is be money sharing profits by their labor of, and equity co-investment by government, they probably grateful and always advise children

eternal grateful to the regime.

The business establishments are profitable, after deduction of debt they are part of the profit-sharing basis; business at breakeven, still equity remains, only not sharing, wage remains the same, if the basis of loss (just cut in their share capital and equity investment), no salary deduction or sa total of the workers,   ensuring their lives.

With a balance between private capital and the total number of workers, both sides will balance in all aspects, voice of workers is now the voice of the person entitled, real benefit in basis.

Ownership may appear here by both sides:

Enjoy legitimate rights and responsibility for the facility. They have the power, fastened to benefit basis, They will work with enthusiasm, responsibility, collective worker now is a great strength may be true. It determines the economic structure Capitalist Collective best in the evolutionary history of humankind.


Yijing said: "have yin and yang There are new evolution, certain no or yin yang 1. If only 1 yin, or 1 yang, the yin or yang will be killed".

- Regarding the national economy: The central government general leadership brains (yang), the basis of capitalist economy autonomy by people such as muscle (yin).

The economic structure of Capitalism private autonomy in production, sales, investing in something so private industry to self- determination, not adhere to a framework at all.

Ie in the overall economy only yin (in micro infrastructure at the base of the People); at the macro level there is no overall management (in the overall economy into a no yang) Should the final crisis is inevitable.

The structure of economy subsidies is economic plan, they sent staff directly executives economy; no crisis as Economics Capitalist; but it is another mistake even more serious.

Yin and yang are not directly related pairs, for example, connecting two electrodes in each average it will draw power off immediately (see LAW absorb energy metabolism), together with infrastructure in only yin, no yang; economy as recession faster.

So in what way executive authorities must take economic control, but it is indirectly related, through are functional sectors.

Yijing said: "There is no object in itself is not one Extremes, from small to large. " "Knowing that a small object can also know the great "(44,45D).

Yijing also said: "The mind of people is mind of God  and Land; Know the elements that Know  a whole". From body of people we can know God and apparatus operating in the world. Each entity uniform 10 sets; 

includes 5 sets above, not earthly participation; 5 sets where the earth; includes 3 sets of automatic operation according to a fixed, 2 sets semi-automatic. Society organizations determine malfunction mandate would cause disturbance and instability.





























a/- With human: above all, the spirit crystallized in the central brain, commanding general report,

below 10 sets comprising:

- 5 sets of bonded: visual, auditory, smell, taste, touch. This sets depend entirely on the general leadership of the central brain, when we sleep, they are no working.

- 5 sets within  the abdomen: heart, liver, kidney, stomach, lung. Including 3 sets of automatic operation according to the statement is

heart, liver, kidney. (I sleep it still works normally); 2 sets of semi-automatic is the respiratory: pulmonary just automatic, sleep it also works naturally, but we can extend a little breathing to enhance health, longevity; digestion is automatically, but of food and excretion have direct control.

b/- The executive apparatus on: On as God. Below is also 10 Gods:

- 5 executives phenomena in the sky are:

- 5 Spirit earthly control:

Birth Spirit, Death Spirit, Blessed Spirit, Health Spirit, Wisdom Spirit.

- 3 Spirit operating under a fixed expression: Spirit Birth, Death Spirit, Blessed Spirit; no human involvement.

- 2 have combined human activity: Health Spirit, Wisdom Spirit. People can exercise contribute to increase the effect.

c / – Ministry bureaucracy Country:

on the National  The Lord (as Chairman or President),

well below the 10 sets:

- 5 sets of upper operating under the direct leadership of the government, no people involved: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Army, the Ministry of Finance Bank (Banking and Finance), Ministry of Social Security, Real Estate Department.

- 5 sets under: local autonomy by:


- 3 sets of complete autonomy: Business Ministry , Transport Ministry , Culture Ministry; People organized themselves and to about money.

- 2 sets of semi-automatic and the Health Ministry, Education Ministry. Staffed with people organizing mass activities,  besides government setting up hospital administration, Schools and wages for all.

Structure that is the norm, man on the planet, but the organization is not completely standard, almost 20 sets up, sorted,  sometimes

China's own up to 50 sets.

Especially due to wrong identification function of an sets, create economic crisis, That is the Financial Sector Bank.

As the economic crisis spread globally, people competing among themselves to Economic History Museum in New York USA, or return to the study of Karl Marx's Das Kapital, but still deadlocked, could not find the profound depth of the problem; people found deficiencies in Finance Banking, but "do not Yijing studies clue of Creation do not ", do not understand the most general rules, should have proposed restructuring the banking sector, but not in accordance with law, not brought practical results, Economic crisis persists, impact of the crisis is still there and the future of war the damage worse.

Therefore, to overcome, prevent economic crisis, need to adjusted than functional, task the Bank's.

Money is not produced by make people, it is not a commodity.

- The right to print money as a means of communication in the life of society, it must be closely managed reunification as a means to check the master tempo and density development in the economic structure, thereby that adequate investment in a manufacturing business plan created to regulate the development of uniform, comprehensive balance between industries, regions, between supply and demand of domestic and export demand increases national income; ensure steady development pace of the economy. It is mounted wire communications between the government (yang) and the economy (yin). Under the capitalist mode they loose, the Bank is owned by the people of that crisis occurs.

- The economic structure Tư bản of the private capital autonomy in production, sales, investing in something so private industry to self-determination, not comply with any framework,

The only remaining are used method of managing, the vacuum system centipede to operate government also loosened, There is no leadership at all.

Ie in the overall economy only negative (in micro infrastructure in the economic base of the population); at the macro level there is no overall management, not the bridge between upper management with the basis (in whole economy into a no yang) should last crisis is inevitable (see the article economic crisis in the link:

So to adjust the institutional money managers in each country as follows:

- Termination of Private Business Banking and Finance sector. The government unified the entire tightly managed cash, and credit activities. Banking and Finance Sector main intermediary as an effective bridge create ties between government and economy, keeping the economy is not in crisis.

A strong economy must operate in harmony

between the pace of infrastructure work at the grassroots micro (yin), and overall macroeconomic program Upstream of national leaders (yang), is fundamental to ensure steady food and essential consumer goods in social life, there is a balance between domestic demand and develop adequate strength potential and production capacity in the country   to balance between export and import activities  has firmly secured the national budget, exchange medium of international economic equality.

- From the grip national reserves, that costs for the public service of the people's livelihood, and

subsidized activities Education, Medicine, Social Security.

- Selective investments in the base of operations economic, culture on the basis of the overall program Nationalist Congress that passed

Implementation of this mechanism on the upper floors of the functional departments, Finance in particular, Business studies adequate investment in key sectors, balance between industry and territories, balance between supply and demand domestic and foreign, economy sustainable development.

On the basis of government policy the Banking and Finance Sector with specific investment plans, the job is do not developed, the  job has developed excessive they do not invest (not for loan, not for not to send); Investors big business can not operate without the support of the Bank, as a result they can not invest in risk sectors, no economy crisis.

- In the immediate nationalization of all private banks, Bank shares in, entire inventory by the face amount of the bank, bad debt (debt of their people, and they owe others). Government management responsible for debt recovery, and ensure all of their pay that debt; management on the basis of full payment or register debt Payment turn, with the private banks.

The direction of future monetary management is:

1) – The master plan:

Each country should develop a program of economic reform, comprehensive, synchronization, rapid restructuring of management at both the macro level and micro, creating vitality and power generation for the production, bring economy to new heights.

Reform is motto collectivization has a modern industrial capitalism, full play to the comprehensive strength of the people (of the investor and workers in the production); promote investment in rural areas, forested uplands, deep, construction of industrial zones capitalist collective the balance between capital investment and the local (with the support of the government's capital); National variations Successful capitalist collective strong broad and averaged over all regions.

The general principle is The government plans overall advertising and general guidelines. But What are the trees, What professions open by the people themselves is whether, government financial administration holds, investment capital to support a selective to stimulate demand to adjust create uniform development, balance between sectors and regions.

2) – Industrial Automation:

Reform goals background is universal set of National it requires production not only provides

Full product needs in all aspects of society, but more importantly liberate people from bondage with the physical production, always put everybody comfort, serene both physically and spiritually

Modern production using two main energy sources, including:

+ Oil and Gas: operation factory direct mechanical force, force producers to use more muscles.

Since its creation thermal-mechanical machines have great effect boost the development of production. But its disadvantage is limited range of operation, force can not move away, not fully automated production line is. Also burning oxygen causing climate change, oil and gas exploitation on a large scale biochemical rhythm disturbance of the earth's crust.

+ Electrical operate by indirect heat conduction through the gas flow (same as the onsciousness of the universe and humans), operators rarely used muscle power. Electrical power transfer capability goes far and promote human knowledge in production, it is one of the precepts of material importance of the reconstruction process Datong. Therefore, in parallel with the construction, development of this energy source (mainly wind and photovoltaic).  Community as well as individual National should have focused more investment in construction planning the large-scale photovoltaic power national and inter-national.

At the same time the ability to focus on broad research further use of wind power, particularly applicable to the electricity sector have many difficulties such as transport, agriculture, replaced gradually come to stop oil extraction, groundwater extraction of biochemical disturbance in the ground.

3) – Balance between long-term development needs and enhance life ahead.

This reform is a profound shifts, comprehensive human life, it is just rung of life's realities, spans both development platform of the future. Thus the overall program plan and actual capital investment must be balanced, focus has created the foundation for the development leap socio-economic situation, true while improving the material and spiritual life of the people, balance and harmony between the two sides is the source of motivation, momentum of reform.

4) – Reunification land management:

Stable accommodation will build prosperous life. Home is the means of living of each family activities, and humans. Therefore must have clear policies enabling each family is truly a home; end all housing business excesses. Stop putting people at the rented. Government acquisition of apartment, price negotiations between the two sides ensure fair and democratic. There are policies which support or installment sale facilitate family have stable accommodation.

5) – Strengthening cooperation between the countries:

This is a global transformation, only when all mankind along with a concept of life, countries have similar living conditions or at least not too much difference, in such conditions, the new peace happily actual long-term and steady. Therefore, cooperation among nations is absolutely essential in the current period.

Especially the need to promote forms of bilateral cooperation export capitalist group with the formula:


 National bourgeois development – working people poor weak nation.

At the same time encouraging the relief operation, Non-refundable aid. The Least Developed Country ability to promote good self, internal dynamics, simultaneously open policies properly spent enlisting the support, external help. The developed countries International spirit enthusiasm to help each other up. Quickly create a relative balance economic – International politics.

National Specialty industry undue influence developing serious ecological environment such as USA, Canada, Japan, China and Western Europe are cold harsh winters in recent years (please Revisited events USA -53o cold, hot 47o India where links: ) urgently need investment institutions, move factories to invest to weaknesses in the National the weakness as Africa, some Asian Nations … reduced to just chill spot overcome its extreme cold, and contributed create the relevant part of economic development, create jobs improving the lives of the impoverished people of the State, while maintaining that the interests of capitalist firm, on the other hand with the investment, the domestic help poor, poor people will create nice looking, contributing to suppress terrorism against the United States and Western Europe.

Rhythm final evolution of mankind as the planet Datong, Datong foundation would be formed on the basis of Datong National complete in most States, that time all mankind will live in eternal peace and happiness prosperity.

After a volatility (especially in the South China Sea), first decade of the 21st century will be a milestone for the golden era of the planet.   In order to reach this glorious shore, people really dedicated to human life Please remove all political ethnic hostility, religious narrow-minded …  the same consensus make as a reconstituted millennium.

- Implement the sociable fellow, every nation  not distinguish between large and small, rich and poor are equal, and is responsible for building a peaceful planet, prosperous civilization, no war tendencies.

- Create a balance between material life

and spirituality in society; building good relationships between people, gradually eliminate cockroaches between rich and poor.

-  Training for people have conception living well. In light of morality, carefree spirit, autonomy in life.

Please see the following Cultivating Mind article for a look at the Cultivation series, where link:

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