Life on earth

Life on earth people  is mistook inanimate objects, but no! This is really a living body.

Yijing says "Yijing have Too Pole born Both Instrument".  All the animals, or natural phenomena the same is Too Pole born Both Instrument; which yin part of the body that we perceive, the yang spirit did not feel invisible, but the role of the commander, control makes the operation, biochemistry, development of things.
It is believed that the earth is an inanimate object that can implement whatever we want! No! The Earth is a living body, the earth have biochemical evidence has turned this waste of people and animals become fertile provided return.


Can compare the biochemical between the earth and the body as follows:

- The human body have responds black blood into red blood transfer heat in the lungs, literally create hot condensation (absorption law of energy metabolism); it is the harmony of blood and gas in the universe, resulting hot gas feed the body (known human).


- For people at an early age, fleshy skin, tender bones, old skin, tough bones, hard bones, mountains and ores are also old, they are old, they are old, old as hard as people.

I.- Physical Biochemistry:

- With a small human body, thin outer skin, but also thicker spots such as nails, nails, skin heel can be removed 1, 2 millimeters do not hurt. The Earth is bigger than our bodies billions of times, the earth's surface is the same as the skin of the earth, we dig about 50 m, 70 m is not penetrated, but the drill thousands of meters, or the case Nuclear explosion is hurting, painful for the inside.

The human body reacts to turning red blood into red blood cells in the lungs, in a sense, rather than a heat-inducing reaction (the law of absorption of energy metabolism), that is, the gas of the universe. Blood flow to heat, air everywhere to feed the body (humans already know). The Earth also reacts to the transfer of carbon dioxide into oxygen, which provides heat – a gas that gives life everywhere (including in the ground, the warmth of the earth, the vigor of the earth, the sea and the fertility of the earth). Externally, it creates life for people and things on the surface of the earth and the workings of the earth (this human being has no consciousness, will speak carefully later).

- The human body develops self-healing wounds as parts of the flesh blood are lost when the body's injury is offset by biochemical. The earth is also healing the cracks inside, the lava flowing, the oil being exploited also self-offset, even the pit digs mining ore, the earth also made it dry When we stop mining.


The earthly life can be divided into two parts:

+ Life (in) Lands: called endogenous resources generated by the hot moving gas induced reconciliation between the Sun to Earth, Moon was born.


+ The life of humans and animals outer shell earth called exogenous sources, on the one hand due to endogenous sources combined impact of magnetic, optical, hot du Soleil.

And exogenous sources have important role is to create the rotation (hot water vapor, gas) – yin yang two sources of gas to create a rotation around earth orbit; preserve life on earth.

II. Presence, mental activity:

Parallel with the material life (yin) is the mental activity (yang) in each person and the universe. In the mixture of 5 gases, 3 substances into the lungs to feed the body, the remaining two substances: Ion electricity, light put on the brain crystallized, the spirit of wisdom control, control all the activities of the body, in there:

+ Optical create intelligence, learn about everything.

Ion electricity creates the ability to think, and creates sensations between the brain and the nerve to capture information that controls all aspects of the body.

Power and optics combine to create the agility of gathering information and managing all activities, biochemistry.

The only brain that absorbs magnetism, not oxygen, shows that the brain is always cold and white, with no blood vessels in the brain (which is the new blood vessel that supplies heat and oxygen).


The brain does not receive direct blood, but "the inner brain is white, the external blood vessels are negative (positive and negative), induces yin and yang, and indirect interfaces, to adjust every aspect of the body (*).

Celestial Mind, Earthly Person (Soul-Born: Ion Power and Heavenly Light create soul); (the body's water vapor and oxygen make up the body); Heat does not produce any activity, but crystallizes energy for activity; humans and red species make up the body's ability to function; white blood cells, cold body, brain that Heat makes the ability to prophesy.

"Positive, calm" is the brain, which is not the brain material (because brain activity consists of thoughts, mental activity), and the operation of electricity.

In nature, energy is due to rotation; as:

- The sun revolves around itself, emits energy, the Earth revolves around absorbing, creating the miraculous energy that supplies the solar system, absorbs everything and converts it also from the rotation,

- The atomic particle consists of a proton rotating inside, the electron going around.

- Generator or dinamo: inner rotation proton, electron rotation.

- The human brain also emits electrical energy to manage all of the body's activities by rotating the electricity like a rotor, which has the appearance of being dizzy, (dizziness is due to imbalance between the positive electrolyte of the brain and the negative electrode of the blood vessel.

Normally, the inner air of the brain circulates, and the external cerebral vascular gas is rotated in a balanced state, without any effect. 

There are 2 cases of dizziness:

Case 1:  Cerebral Anemia (cerebral cortical hypoplasia):

The medical community has said ischemic (inaccurate), and they also do not explain why cause dizziness, we explain there are two cases as follows:

 Usually because of high cholesterol, blood vessels are not enlarged, high blood pressure, but low blood supply to the cortex (negative) is not enough to meet the gas (positive) in the brain, brain circulation (excess) causing the body to spin, causing dizziness).

This is a dizzying adjustment of the cerebral blood supply enough to counteract the rotation of the brain, primarily by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

Also due to cerebral ankylosing spasms, but due to decreased blood pressure, the activity of the blood to the brain is less, which is not enough to balance the rotation of the positive air in the brain as mentioned.

Case 2 : Also due to the inadequate balance between the rotation of the brain and the electrocautery, but the opposite is the cortical electrocardiographic cortex that is stronger than the cortex. overdose such as taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, especially drugs.

This is the study of the harmful effects of alcohol: Alcohol is the highest concentration of the body, which causes hot blood, heart beats, blood to the brain, causing the rotation of the electrocardiogram in the circulatory system of the cerebral cortex. Electronegativity in the brain makes the person spin (dizziness).

The severe damage of drinking alcohol is the heat of the cerebral cortex, which causes the brain to heat up, the brain is not cold, the person who is hot is not calm, considering everything; Heavy drunkenness causes many people to lose their wisdom, doing many wrong things (like cold-blooded animals, hot cereals are only active at the time without thinking), people become lost to animals.

- Stroke that the health sector say is a "stroke" occurs as follows:

The blood vessels in the cerebral cortex are ruptured, with the yin-yang induction of the brain draining blood, resulting in direct contact between the brain and blood (which makes direct contact with the yin-yang) cause trouble.

Cosmic law is yin and yang indirect relationship, not direct, if direct connection creates the battery's polarity.Blood (negative) into the brain (positive). Positive of the brain will be lost.

The brain divides many separate regions, each in the part of the brain that controls part of the body, the part of the brain that invades it, causing problems for the body parts.

So, to treat stroke, scientists need to thoroughly study the function of the brain, wherever the body is affected, we know the location of the brain has trouble to prevent bleeding, and blood suck. , the brain will gradually recover.

- Stroke: Because of severe hemorrhage, most brain diseases.

Or bleeding into the central brain,

Or bleeding into the respiratory brain.

Or bleeding into the brain where circulation.

Also due to power cut will say in another case.

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