The ultimate goal of practicing true religion is enlightenment consciousness, raising it higher perfection of human life.

Concentrate significance: is Repair Practice at home need pure to "probe in to the deepest places of the soul".  Is the harmony between mind and brain (combining object – mental) training in order to clean the mind to the spirit is serene, lucid create the harmony of yin and yang to receive comprehensive authority god almighty to develop wisdom, enlightenment consciousness.

Need to break the limits of their own, making her the spirit of god integration into the vastness of the Universe. That's not just a passive delusion, expect blessings, the opening of the almighty; that the people have to create the conditions that have to take off your own ego, the self open of brain which regulates the blood the heat – gas. German high depth of compassion to open blessing to people in these conditions.

To achieve such results, next with "wash the mind" is the practice of meditation, two factors must be parallel.

It needs to understand is: Repair Practice impossible for us not for everyone, by now not transform yourself, why is anyone can help? Only when Repair Practice reached a new level that is said to help people, help others; and want to achieve good results is Practice , so that not only is the Repair, but is: Repair Practice.

Legal Practice meditation is effective weapons Repair Practice precious be effective all mind and body.

Meditation for two purposes:

- Strengthening the health, longevity.

- Improve wisdom.

Meditation is right stabilize: stabilize the body and spirit.

Method mental stability see Posts: mental stability increased life – declaration wisdom, by link:

2.- Breathe:

Deep Breathing: Breathe deeply as a god dose decided to enhance the health, longevity, has contributed to significant expansion of wisdom.

+ Breathing Method:

- Normal breathing every 10 seconds, while meditation need to breathe deeply, slowly inhale slowly, slightly elongated, length each time breathing initially 30 ", 40" with 1 turn to breathe, step by step gradually raise to 1 minute 1 turn to breathe. 

3. Stable spirit:

Mental crystallized in the brain, the heart is the center of the psycho-emotional, but also under the control of the brain, therefore repair  practice brain good wisdom will change both emotionally and psychologically.

Complete the repair practice can say just create harmony, balance yin yang:

- The sitting posture as (see posts mental stability, increased life expectancy, open wisdom) is a yin yang create the harmony of body.

- Practice  practice is the spirit of reconciliation is to create the yin yang of spirit (between soul and chickened).

Rrepair spiritual practice is important to be mentally stable: leave all thought in mind, the implementation of "no mind". All the mystery will manifest from his mental stability.

Stabilize is the convergence, oscillate is spread out, meditation is to purify, to perform "not mind" is  of energy convergence.

Can compare the brain with the batteries of the car, while driving connection open, the battery charger has generate power, to the parking  are have power, but in order to have enough energy to after good run to charge additional.

Our daily , work like ac-scale generators to run the car, which had time to breathe obtained ion power – optical – heat, as well is disseminating energy make to decrease health; sleep still breathing receive energy intake, but the brain does not work, energy accumulation, day after to restore our health work normally again.

Meditation is mental stability, state of the silently but still stay awake, "not interested", still breathing ingraft pawer ion – optical – heat, morale cease, inactive, like sleep; but compare sleep, health recovery, wisdom is not increased.

Meditation: morale no inactive but stay awake, increase health, mind and expansion, the rise wisdom. Enlightenment consciousness is from morale no inactive but stay awake.

But mental stability is very difficult to do, because: Yijing said: "yang dynamic, stability  yin …". stable body yin easily, yang is active, the expectation in the mind is spontaneous.

When meditating the body stabilize, chickened yin secretly controls the operation of the respiratory, digestive, circulatory naturally, even controlling sit firmly into the natural, no need to have direct command of the brain; but the spirit (yang) dynamic elements, it always tends to break the stable.

Meditation: images of the collision of life hidden appear, romantic current thinking in the beginning, it was the only factor management, command all human behavior, do not mentally Monday on its control it, so the mental stability is very difficult.

Therefore, mental stability: moderate is persistence, moderate is repair firm steps, and important is have element profound.

The spirit of man by photosynthesis – pon power generated, which photosynthesis – ion power is of God, that the spirit of man and God are the same natural gas management by God. Only the spirit of God is control the spirit of the people

Therefore necessary have the harmony between God and man (combining prayer with the Spirit of God's and order self keep stabilize morale own); it must be done in the prayers of his (see posts "mental stability, increased life expectancy, open wisdom" will have clear instructions).

Use spell

The mantra is capable of eliminating obstacles accident, help people achieve legitimate aspirations in certain specific conditions.

With người bước đầu repair practice, mantra except the bad ones of the environment, and help the mentally stabilize contribute to repair the human mind and body transfer, Factors for success in the repair practice.

Use only 2 and mantra standard and compassionate mantra is a key problem, and 3 additional mantra:

Great compassionate mantra, standard problem mantra is indispensable to meditate; by both the spiritual blessings, develop wisdom, each mantra also have particular significance separately:

- In the space we live has many chickened yin, it seeks to penetration caused disaster, when we have loopholes, especially when done "not interested". Compassion is the basic mantra powerful comprehensive, likely than chickened yin, protection when we meditation.

- Also in people who use spells pagan meaning as "the hole", "charms" … mantra Standard threads have powerful capabilities that eliminate

In addition, also recite the mantra "for wisdom" mantra "for ten Buddha to bless". Before meditation necessarily recitation of this mantra to protect themselves, the other spell effects also good, but only in cases of necessity, does not necessarily need more time will affect meditation.

Another important thing is: must know the protection spell, should not eat 5 food  including is:onions, shallots, garlic, compression, laksa leaves; and bovine meat, meat cats, dogs and blood; by eat this dish, mantra not will take effect, vulnerable by yin part chickened and pagan amulets destructive.

Do not go below the cot, do not go below the clothes cord; Going to the Funeral only to dead bodies Once shrouding, and no shoulder carry coffin.

mantra and methods recite the mantra

1.- Compassion mantra

(We will complement the original Sanskrit and Latin later)

Thiên thủ thiên nhãn vô ngại đại bi tâm đà ra ni. Nam mô hắc ra đát na đa ra dạ da, nam mô a rị da, bà lô yết đế thước bát ra da, bồ đề tát đoả bà da, ma ha tát đỏa bà da, ma ha ca lô ni ca da. Án tát bàn ra phạt duệ số đát na đát tỏa.

Nam mô tất kiết lật đỏa y mông a rị da, bà lô yết đế thất Phật ra lăng đà bà. Nam mô na ra cẩn trì hê rị, ma ha bàn đa sa mế, tát bà a tha đậu du bằng a thệ dựng, tát bà tát đa, na ma bà tát đa, na ma bà già, ma phạt đạt đậu đát điệt tha.  

Án a bà lô hê, lô ca đế ca ra đế, di hê rị, ma ha bồ đề tát đoả, tát bà tát bà, ma ra ma ra, ma hê ma hê, rị đà dựng. Cu lô cu lô yết mông, độ lô độ lô, phạt xà da đế, ma ha phạt xà da đế. Đà ra, đà ra, địa rị ni, thất Phật ra da, dá ra dá ra, mạ mạ phạt ma ra, mục đế lệ y hê đi hê. Thất na thất na, a ra sâm Phật ra xá lợi. Phạt xa phạt xâm Phật ra xá da. Hô rô hô rô ma ra, hô rô hô rô hê rị, ta ra ta ra, tất rị tất rị, tô rô tô rô, bồ đề dạ bồ đề dạ, bồ đà dạ bồ đà dạ, di đế rị dạ. Na ra cẩn trì địa rị sắc ni na.

 Ba dạ ma na ta bà ha. Tất đà dạ ta bà ha. Ma ha tất đà dạ ta bà ha. Tất đà du nghệ thất bàn ra dạ ta bà ha. Na ra cẩn trì ta bà ha, ma ra na ra ta bà ha. Tất ra tăng a mục khê da ta bà ha, ta bà ma ha, A tất đà dạ ta bà ha, dã kiết ra a tất đà dạ ta bà ha. Ba đà ma yết tất đà dạ ta bà ha. Na ra cẩn trì bàn đà ra dạ ta bà ha. Ma bà lợi thắng yết ra dạ ta bà ha. Mam mô hắc ra đát na đa ra dạ da, nam mô a rị ra, bà lô kiết đế thước bàn ra dạ ta bà ha. Án tất điện đô mạn đa ra bạt đà dạ ta bà ha.

Compassion mantra


(silently evoked 2 times)

Hands Print: Three droplets (印三沬)

2.- mantra Standard threads

Khể thủ quy y tô tất đế đầu diện đảnh lễ thất cu chi, ngã kim xưng tán đại chuẩn đề duy nguyện từ bi thùy da hộ. Nam mô tác đa nẫm tam miệu tam bồ đà cu nhi nẫm đát điệt tha.

Án chiết lệ chủ lệ chuẩn đề Ta bà ha – Bộ lâm (Mật ngữ trong thập chú của Phật giáo thêm 2 chữ Bộ Lâm) (108 biến).

whisper read 2 times, left hand rat press, hand right rosary 108 seeds.

Can recite mantras 3 backend. Do not have the original 3 mantra; Readers please click on the link: Vietnamese to see all posts.

Method recitation of mantra and prayer:

  When was mind: silently not read out loud, only concept in mind greater effect.

1)- Method prayer:

a) – silently: God, Emperor Land, Nhon royal, royal Spirit

- South visualize the forehead (between the two eyebrows).

-  No, God, Emperor Land, Nhon royal, royal Spirit:  where top head.

b) – silently Namo Amitabha Buddha:

- South visualize the forehead (between the two eyebrows).

-  No … where the top.

- A … where two kidneys (rear).

- Di … where hydraulic shock.

- momentum … where pores wash over me.

- Buddha … where the navel.

And the gods, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, where the top (keep moves this as during meditation).

Look at some other repair practice methods:

Look at some other repair practice methods:

a / – Exercise:

Exercise Sports, is the most nourishing effect makes  Biochemical body conditioning, healthy people, some of the diseases that have no effective medicine, and when the body is healthy planet god comfortable, more lucid mind; but it also has disadvantages are:

- Exercise and sport (yin), no spiritual practices (yang), should only develop physically, without the development of spiritual, mental developmental limit.

- Exercise and sports also have the disadvantage that causes the body addiction, people file must be maintained regularly, want to stop is to decrease gradually; if for any reason that is harmful sudden break, especially due illness or misadventure horizontal break will cause severe damage, the sport as operating heavy body, as burly muscle is inhibited wisdom can not grow well. Thus the repair practice, practice meditation if need only a slight relaxation of the movement, do not set excessive.

b/- Mon Yoga:

We can say to the late 20th century in spiritual activities are good for life, is more prominent yoga, it has been widely recognized.

- The results of this subject is clearly of health promotion, treatment is more serious, diseases sometimes medicine not cured; the research made this therapy works is a really great and effective, can not refuse not controversy, it's really helpful for a healthy life, increased life expectancy, living in peace and happiness, the happiness of man.

- Health increased also often improve soul, human virtue, an important contribution to the well-being of humanity.

But the method has drawbacks:

Yoga has many rich dynamics, each move has its own effect; just talk through the most basic dynamics of Yoga meditation:

Mon Yoga meditation the track leading into the gas body, for example inlet (near the navel) and visualize them in there … condensation. Method meditation there benefit and improve healing instant good health, but because is approved gas, expected action, a meditative limited expansion of wisdom.

Therefore Mon Yoga extent Advanced Yoga wisdom through of body condition and serene mental health, not radical openness consciousness.

The purpose of meditation is to improve the health and longevity develop wisdom, yoga does not meet  fully two requirements of this supreme.

c/- Illuminated soul:

Illuminated soul can make sense light, but what is that light? Whence?

"Due to breathe ion power source – heat – light  from the sun which should crystallize the spirit, makes brain executive management all the biochemistry of the human person ". The light on the brain allocate part to the nerves, to eye photoreceptor through the nerves so. Light is absorbed operation in the circuit is fast, normally it does not radiate out like light operation of electrical so, only emit when on the road have resistance is large the lights bright.

Flash soul is blocking the path of light to the eye; Should scattered light emitted we feel.

  The light (now) just for one instant sensation, not crystallize in the brain, ineffective develop wisdom.

Conversely implement this approach also takes the time needed to meditation.

d/- Soul goes out:

Repair practice methods unconditioned say: "repair must go to practice Soul goes out, to God the scene for further study to liberation," "Soul to God landscape continues to lead the Korean study and practice more to repair Buddha ".

No further analyzed whether Repair practice

have become the Buddha or not, this is just about the Soul goes out particular:

- soul goes out of course only the soul yang, yin and chickened have remained in the life of the flesh (if both are output chickened soul will die soon).

The way out is so soul – chickened separated, yin yang gap, the two are useless:

+ With chickened stay yin without the soul yang, is like sleeping Meditation, Meditation now only correct and chickened unconscious can not develop wisdom.

+ With soul goes out: Yijing said: "yin and yang There new are transformed, has no story only 1 yin or yang 1, if only 1 yin or yang 1, the yin yang he or she will be destroyed "(43D); soul (yang) output isolation, no accompanying chickened yin, the soul will no longer power; dead as the soul does not die, it in ion power – optical – waste heat, Heaven collection of "listed in the repository" standing there waiting time for rebirth, but at this time do not learn nothing more.

"soul goes out" people feel strange scenes What is beautiful? Certainly it is not true, only is yin led by the virtual, virtual to follow what was harmful.

Also, if Soul goes out, the yin will immediately occupy, there is great harm.

Concentrate significance (歸 義) is repair of the 3rd millennium practice, at home the repair practice,  transforming lives of people from lower to higher level proceed to make a holy people in the world,

turn the earth into heaven, not delusions and practice the become Buddha repair, or going to heaven somewhere far away at all, so please do not use the illuminated Soul and soul goes out.

It is important prayer for the Buddha, Bodhisattvas receive blessings for wisdom for our enlightenment.

In sitting meditation is absorb optical – power ion of God, turning it into my soul, (located) meditation is a profound step is to apply results that make soul and develop wisdom.

Meditation properly, body not being addiction, both spirit and body operate harmoniously developed a solid step by step.

Note: When you see the light meditate or listen to Audio or see Buddha to lead, do not rush ham,

that it is false; by spiritual practice as well as practice the brain, which the brain itself does not hear anything, only when the receiver senses

reports of new brain awareness, Therefore, if under the illusion that would be harmful; meet such cases should recite mantra Compassion mantra will be freed.

Do not meditate at 18 hours to 21 hours, by undergoing an operation date, mentally impaired  and on the other hand it is now well-yin, yang failure, yin most powerful forces out, this time meditate without using spell or how not good easy to damage as chickened yin were led, born paranoid, or inhibition of spirit, that practitioners are often called "messy enter ma"; or if there are better methods, not bad ditto, that is by the time it is dark yin effectively meditate nor high.

Nor should meditate after eating within 2 hours, by meditation just affect the digestive and difficult to focus on God.

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